5 ways business matchmaking software simplifies your B2B event


Networking is a pain to organize yourself.

But does business matchmaking software help? Will it really make things easier or will it cause problems you can't afford?

We talked to our customers to find out the 5 top reasons to use business matchmaking software and how it can improve your B2B event--both for your business and your attendees.

1. Removes the stress of planning networking activities and icebreakers

When you have lots of people coming together, it makes sense to find a good way to get them talking. There are many icebreakers or networking games available to bring your attendees out of their shells.

However, do you really need one more thing piled on top of the already towering stack of things to do? (Yeah, we didn't think so.)

Business matchmaking software is the icebreaker and networking game. It's the simplest way to get your attendees connected and social. It's created to connect people, and it does this in a simple and painless way. This means you can forget about planning networking games and focus on the other parts of your event.

2. Improves brand awareness and event satisfaction with pre-engagement

Pre-engagement is vital to a successful event. Once your attendees buy their tickets, there shouldn't be radio silence until they arrive at your event. There's so much to tell them: information about the venue, speakers, destination city, not to mention all the exciting content and opportunities awaiting them.

Business matchmaking software can help with effective pre-engagement, especially with networking. Your attendees can browse through potential matches and book short meetings with the best ones while they count the days to your event. This lets them prepare while keeping your event in their mind.

You can read more on the benefits of pre-engaging attendees with Brella here.

3. Gathers valuable and actionable data

Data is essential. You can use it to address problem areas and find where you excel.

Business matchmaking software gathers data on how your attendees network, from the amount of meetings they book to the most popular interests at the event. This data tells you how effective your event networking was and how you can improve it. When did people network the most? What were the most popular interests? You'll know and expand upon them next event.

4. Enhances the total event experience for attendees

Business matchmaking software isn't there to just book meetings. It also helps attendees plan their day and navigate your event. You can add your event schedule so your attendees know how much free time they'll have to network. They can also use the floor plan to find exactly what they need to.

This eliminates the need for paper handouts, which eases a load on the environment. And the software doesn't need to be a mobile app - your attendees can use it on their web browser from home, saving valuable storage space on their mobile devices.

It will be a simple yet noticeable difference in their event experience, one they'll thank you for.

5. Improves the meeting quality for each attendee

When many people attend your event, their chances of finding the right person for their business goals drop dramatically. Your attendees need time to vet leads, client or service providers, and time is in short supply at a busy event.

A good business matchmaking software ensures your attendees skip past the 'maybe' matches and go directly towards the 'yes!' matches, the ones that have the best chance of bringing real value. This saves them hours of time in prospecting and helps them save time at your event itself.

With a detailed list of top matches, your attendees can handpick the best of the best and have vital meetings with them, improving their networking experience. They'll leave your event empowered and with a positive impression, which means better word-of-mouth marketing and a desire to come again next year.


Business matchmaking software is essential for B2B events, no matter the size. Relationship management is vital in the business world, and business matchmaking software is your perfect tool for ensuring you keep existing clients while making new ones.

As well, you'll help your attendees meet the right people, whether it's a new client, solution or hire.

Remember the 5 benefits:

  1. Removes the stress of planning networking activities/icebreakers
  2. Improves brand awareness and event satisfaction with pre-engagement
  3. Gathers valuable and actionable data
  4. Enhances the event experience for attendees
  5. Improves the meeting quality for each attendee

Invest in a business matchmaking software for your next event to streamline your networking and save both you and your attendees time. You'll improve both the quality of networking and your event, which means more satisfied attendees and more repeat ticket sales.

Interested in learning how business matchmaking software will help your next B2B event?

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