Use Smart KPI's to measure networking performance

Providing event attendees with quality meetings is the whole purpose of business events. Still, few event organizers are interested in measuring how well the networking actually performs.
One reason for the low interest in measuring networking performance is the lack of a relevant framework for measurement.
Brella uses Smart KPIs to help organizers focus their attention on the most important metrics regarding networking:
Smart KPIs:
  • Meeting Acceptance Rate (MAR) - measures the quality of matchmaking and the ease of meeting booking in the app.
  • Percentage of pre-scheduled 1-to-1 meetings vs. during the event scheduled meetings - measures the quality of communication and sponsor onboarding.
  • Number of meetings - measures the number of new connections you were able to facilitate. Try to improve this number year after year.
  • Percentage of people with meetings - measures the hype you've been able to create around networking and how active people are in the app.
  • Percentage of sponsors with meetings - measures the quality of your sponsor onboarding activities. Sponsors with meetings are 3x more likely to come back to your event vs. sponsors without meetings.
  • The average number of meetings per sponsor - measures how active your sponsors are in the app. Active sponsors will have more meetings and are more likely to return.
  • Ranking of meeting interest/topics - allows the organiser to understand the reasons why people want to meet
  • Networking NPS - measures the quality of networking at your event.
By following SMART KPI's framework, you can improve sponsor and attendee retention, which will radically improve your event's profitability.

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