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Empower and retain your workforce with a hosting platform designed to foster long-lasting connections. Create events that fully reflect your brand with the help of our experts from start to finish.

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“One of the unique things about NCN is the sense of community, and our goal was to replicate the type of engagement and networking we see during in-person events through a virtual event platform. Brella helped us accomplish that."

Claire Koch

Marketing Manager (NCN)

Why Brella?

Inspire, connect, retain

Connect your people, no matter the distance. Step above a basic video call and bring the human factor across the screen. 

  • Bridge the gap of remote working with true-to-life connections

  • Identify your people's top interests and fine-tune your content

  • Provide selected mentorship opportunities through matchmaking

Matchmaking interests
AI-powered matchmaking

Your C-suite will benefit from Brella

Weave your C-suite’s short and long-term goals into your event strategy. Then, demonstrate your results.

  • Prove your success with our in-built analytics 

  • Measure session attendance, drop-offs, meeting metrics, and more

  • Leverage all event insights in your day-to-day and upgrade your future events

Livestream analytics
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Leverage your findings and include them in your workflow

On-brand is the name of the game

Align your internal events with your employer branding strategy and promote your identity.

  • A customizable platform to represent you

  • Measure the performance of your branding strategy with solid data

  • Our experts will guide you from start to finish

Full support for you, your attendees and your sponsors

“It was a thorough overview of what our expectations, goals and needs are, with a plan of action and next meeting already set up. Great experience overall!”



Step up your internal event game

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Find relevant matches
No-fuss meeting booking

Foster intent-based connections between your employees with advanced networking features, and facilitate professional growth with AI-matchmaking.

Bring more value to your C-suite and stakeholders with data-based event strategies. Always measure your success with detailed event analytics.

It’s all about you, not us. Customize our platform and craft unique events that will let your brand's personality shine all the way through.

How Brella helps you plan exciting & inspiring internal events

Employee engagement

Interactive is the language we speak. We offer high-tech yet user-friendly tools like matchmaking, breakout rooms, live chats, and more.

Personal development

Our AI-powered algorithm matches your employees with relevant mentors, and we offer plenty of extra learning tools like livestreams and intent-based networking. 

Top-trending content

What do your employees want? Our event analytics classify their interests into a data-packed wishlist so that you can plan ahead. 

Branding opportunities

We provide a first-class platform, you bring the colors. Plus, our reporting helps you assess your employer branding performance.

Value to your C-suite

Internal events can lead your C-suite to their business goals. We help you plan around those targets and supply you with plenty of numerical insights to prove your success. 

Tailored event coaching

The journey starts with a consultation: you tell us where you want to go, our experts take you there.

“The AI-matchmaking feature is one of the best tools available on Brella. It really gives one the ability to automatically connect with like-minded people with similar interests."

George M


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Empower your brand

Retain your workforce, enhance team bonding, solidify your brand, and certify your success with Brella. Contact our team for a demo of our internal events platform.

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