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Drive your business with value-packed conferences that will benefit your attendees and sponsors alike. Break through the noise with the sound of matchmaking, innovation, and irresistible ROI opportunities.  

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"It’s a wonderful networking tool that makes attending a conference and meeting with industry peers so much more effective. I was blown away. I have never seen an app like this before. Sorely needed and so much more fun knowing who you’re meeting with. It’s a great way to create a collaborative ecosystem."

Maria Davis

Chief Operating Officer at Maycrest Capital

Why Brella?

The power of meaningful connections

Time is precious, don't let your attendees waste it. It only takes a couple of clicks for your attendees to create a profile and for us to work our matchmaking magic!

  • The key to effective networking right in your attendees' pockets

  • It's simple: matchmaking = more quality meetings = happier attendees

  • Requesting and accepting meetings has never been this easy 

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All about quality content

Knowledge is at the core of your conference, let your attendees navigate through the sessions and customize their own agenda. 

  • Attendees can make the most of out of your conference by picking relevant sessions 

  • Identify top trending content with event analytics 

  • Keep your livestreams available post-conference for extra engagement 

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Secure & retain more sponsors

Craft irresistible sponsorship packages and turn your conference into a real magnet for sponsors.

  • Supply your sponsors with plenty of qualified leads through matchmaking 

  • Easy 1:1 meetings, breakout rooms, virtual demos, sponsored sessions, and much more

  • With our event analytics, proving the profitability of your conference has never been so easy

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"From [our partners], we got feedback saying 'Wow, this is really something big. This is something you can build on. This is something you should keep doing and pushing in the future."

Michael Tischler-Zimmermann

Head of International Markets, Austrian Wine

More value for attendees & sponsors

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Find relevant matches
No-fuss meeting booking

No more aimless browsing through thousands of profiles. Now, all meaningful connections are delivered straight to your attendees based on their networking interests. 

Conferences revolve around gaining and sharing knowledge. A high-tech hosting platform with seamless navigation and customizable agenda is a real must-have.

Matchmaking is the #1 source of qualified leads for your sponsors and partners. Add an effective ROI-generating package to the picture for an irresistible opportunity.

How Brella helps you deliver meaningful connections and retain your audience

Effective networking 

Our AI-powered matchmaking software will identify the best matches for both attendees and sponsors and bring them together in a matter of seconds.

Top-trending content

Attract and retain more participants with their favorite content. Our event data and analytics will uncover all the trending topics and interests.

Value for sponsors & partners

Matchmaking means profits. Our AI-fueled matchmaking software is an invaluable source of new qualified leads for your sponsors & partners.

Stellar engagement

We're masters of nurturing pre-engagement. Your participants and sponsors can connect and get to know each other long before the conference.

Top visibility features

We bring all eyes to your sponsors & partners with breakout rooms, sponsored sessions, virtual demos, and much more. 

Seamless navigation

We offer you a high-tech, competitive, and yet stress-free hosting & networking platform designed with user-friendliness in mind. 

"I learned so much from the startup talks, and the breakout rooms feature in Brella really helped me corroborate what I was learning or unsure about."


Attendee at SBAA Startup Week

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