Stay ahead of the curve with key insights

Get a feel for what your industry is talking about at your event and leverage that to create an experience that truly touches the hearts of your participants.

Measure everything, down to the last detail

Thousands of event organizers rely on Brella’s detailed analytics for the insights they need to make informed decisions that maximize ROI.

  • Measure the impact of event content, determine the most popular sessions and segment virtual vs live attendance.

  • Understand what your audience truly desires from your event and calculate the networking impact.

  • Offer a profitable experience to your sponsors and measure the business generated.

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Discover what inspires your audience

From livestream analytics to breakout room data and matchmaking interests, you’ll gain a new understanding of what your attendees really want to learn and discuss. With this knowledge, you’ll be ready to craft experiences that meet their needs.

  • Tweak your content delivery strategy using a wealth of metrics, including comprehensive engagement statistics, session data, total views and more

  • Understand the hot topics your audience that resonate with your audience

  • Measure how active your audience was before and during your event

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"The main benefits of Brella compared to other tools is definitely the post-event measurements. You can measure everything. The platforms we checked before, it was not possible to get the same statistics and analytics that you can get in Brella. This is a thing that is very important for us."

Michael Tischler-Zimmerman

Head of International Markets, Austrian Wine

Measure and prove sponsor ROI

Inspire confidence in sponsors with accurate and relevant information that prove business impact. Step beyond a simple list of leads and provide meeting metrics, booth traffic and much more.

  • Provide a detailed list of who your sponsors met at your events

  • Understand which segment of your audience is interested in your sponsors’ offerings

  • Accurately measure the reach and business impact of sponsored sessions

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Lead generation
Sponsored session analytics

Leverage your findings and include them in your workflow

Take your data out of silos and use it in your everyday work. Our integrations connect Brella with popular event CRMs to simplify your workflows and empower your team.

Leverage your findings and include them in your workflow

Put data at the center of your event strategy

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Embrace the future of events

It's all about data, and Brella offers you a head start with a complete event platform that delivers unparalleled engagement, and the data you need to prove ROI at your virtual, hybrid and in-person events.

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