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3 events in 4 weeks after BizClik Media jumps into the event industry with Brella

BizClik Media Group is a UK-based digital media publishing company with a global portfolio including Digital Magazines, Websites, Newsletters, Webinars, Whitepapers, and LIVE Events.

The business was born in 2007 with a focus on digital publishing and took the leap into the event industry in 2020.

Starting their new enterprise during a time of unpredictability with the whole industry affected by everchanging social restrictions, the team at BizClik Media was on the hunt for a platform that would guarantee absolute versatility essential in the circumstances.

Choosing the right event platform

The event industry is ruthless, and BizClik Media knew event organizers often get only one chance to succeed.

In the search for a reliable event hosting platform to go hand in hand with their event strategy, the team at BizClik Media had four key requirements in mind:

  • Top-notch user experience
  • Versatility & scalability
  • Advanced networking capabilities
  • Robust event data & analytics

Top-notch user experience

From their website to their services, seamless user experience is the #1 focus in every side of BizClik Media’s business. Their standards are high and non-negotiable, and their event hosting platform wouldn’t certainly be the exception to this rule. 

After considering different solutions on the market, Brella was the one to deliver the seamless user experience they were looking for. Their attendees felt it was easier than ever to register for the events on Brella and navigate the platform while making use of its many functionalities (like intent-based matchmaking to book 1:1 meetings with their relevant matches) 

Top-notch user experience - achieved ✅


Source: BizClik Media

Versatility & scalability

BizClik Media jumped into one of the most demanding industries of our time right in the midst of a radical transformation. The timing was challenging, but their strategy was faultless. 

The event team at BizClik Media immediately understood the importance of choosing a versatile event platform that could allow them to host different event formats instead of limiting them to only one. 

In the words of Nathan Bursnell, CTO at BizClik Media: "We don’t have to choose between hybrid and virtual. Having Brella allowed us to be agile with our decision-making. We were able to host three hybrid events in quick succession last year."

“We don’t have to choose between hybrid and virtual.” - Nathan Bursnell, CTO at BizClik Media

Versatility was crucial, but besides that, the event team at BizClik Media was also on the lookout for an event platform that could support their long-term goals. They weren’t planning for one event but several, and they soon realized that not many solutions on the market were built to be scalable.

“The other platforms limited us, while Brella gave us the possibility to host many events.”- James Callen, Managing Director at BizClik Media 

Versatility & scalability - achieved ✅

Advanced networking capabilities 

Nathan Bursnell has stated that effective networking is the core of BizClik Media's events.  

Brella’s AI-powered matchmaking was another determining factor in their choice, and this is what James Callen, Managing Director at BizClik Media, has to say about it: “Matchmaking is the standout feature of the platform. Thanks to it, we are able to understand what topics our audience is interested in, and we can shape our agenda accordingly moving forward. It’s also important for our partners and sponsors as it means they can have significant conversations around their solutions.”

Advanced networking capabilities - achieved ✅


Source: BizClik Media

Robust event data & analytics

One of the greatest benefits of adding a virtual component to your event strategy is the amount of valuable data you can gather. 

An event hosting platform with robust event data & analytics can quantify the performance of your event, the degree of your audience engagement and satisfaction, ROI opportunities for sponsors, and it will allow you to plan data-based events designed for your audience. 

BizClik Media knew this very well, and James Callen has commented that event analytics is their main revenue driver. "The more detailed event data we can give to sponsors the more attractive is the opportunity for them to sponsor our events."

Robust event data & analytics - achieved ✅

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Source: BizClik Media

The results

How has BizClik Media made use of Brella’s core features to bring to life successful events during perhaps the most challenging times of the event industry? 

In 2021, BizClik Media has hosted three major 3-day long hybrid events in only four weeks, which is a massive achievement. Plus, they've perfected their event strategy so fast, they were able to reach an impressive 38% meeting acceptance rate only at their third hybrid event, and are on track to improve it further.

James and Nathan have said to be especially proud of that last event, stating that it was the perfect combination of everything they have improved from the previous ones.

In only four weeks, they were able to attract more and more users to the event platform triplicating the amount. Plus, they have mastered their pre-engagement and engagement strategy increasing their engagement rate by 91%, while the number of meeting requests was increased by 86%.

This trend will continue, with bigger and even more immersive events, and we can hardly wait to see everything that is to come.

Lastly, James and Nathan have praised Brella’s Customer Success Manager who has worked with them since the start of their journey with Brella, "Brella’s Customer Success Manager was a big help for us, and the improvements from the first event to the third were massive."

“Brella’s Customer Success Manager was a big help for us, and the improvements from the first event to the third were massive.” 

Different goals, audiences, and circumstances call for different event formats. So, why limit yourself to one when you could have them all in one single, competitive solution? Schedule your free call with our event experts today and let's bring all your future virtual, hybrid, and in-person events to life! 

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