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Thorough and complete service is our standard. From full user support to networking consultations, we're here to help you and your attendees.

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Virtual and hybrid events

Livestream hosting
Multi-livestream support
Livestream chat
1:1 video conferencing
Group chat
Virtual booths for exhibitors and sponsors

Breakout rooms

Mobile and web

iOS native app
Android native app
Web browser
Responsive web browser

Networking and matchmaking

Smart matchmaking algorithm powered by artificial intelligence
Recommended matches
1-to-1 meeting scheduling
Dedicated meeting slots
Automated notifications
In-app messaging
Designated meeting area
Meeting reminders
Hosted 1:1 video conferencing


Multitrack agenda
Schedule management
Attendee schedule
Dedicated speaker section (bios, links, etc.)
Session tags
Session locations
Schedule embedded widget
Schedule API widget
Calendar sync

Sponsors, partners & exhibitors

Sponsor listing & grouping
Sponsor site
Sponsor bio
Sponsor industry
Website, FB, Twitter & LinkedIn links
Sponsor dashboard
Sponsor ads
Virtual booths
Shareable content (demo videos, brochures, etc.)
Live chat

Event management

Custom branding
Event floormap
Links to event website & event social media accounts
Detailed event description
Custom push notifications
Event join code & join link
Custom pages

Help your attendees save valuable time

"Being able to filter for viable investees is crucial to getting what you need out of the experience."

John Hayden at N100
John Hayden
Venture Capitalist at N100

Data & Analytics


Number of meetings
Who is meeting who
Pre-engagement vs during event engagement
Livestream analytics

Market research

Supply & demand signals
Attendee intents
Understand market trends
Sponsorship sales data
Marketing analytics
Needs for specific content
Event CRM integrations

Happy attendees means happy organizers

"Participants were pleased with Brella and had a great time at the event because they managed to get so much done in so little time. Happy event participants means even happier event organizers!"

Filipa Ramalho
DG Economic and Financial Affairs at EBAN Winter Summit

Customer Success & Networking Consultation

Personal & friendly support

Dedicated Customer Success Manager
Web design support
Event communications support
Kickoff meeting

User & technical support

Full end-user support
Full technical support
Full back-end event support

Matchmaking software made for all events.
Start now with our customer success heroes.

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