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Brella is an end-to-end event platform built for hassle-free events, smart AI-powered networking, and provable ROI.

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Event Platform

Apps & device support

  • Responsive web app for every device
  • Native iOS app
  • Native Android app
  • Admin Panel for organizers
  • Admin Panel for sponsors New
  • Embeddable schedule widget
  • Schedule widget API

Matchmaking & Networking

  • AI-powered matchmaking
  • Editable matchmaking interests
  • 1-to-1 video meetings
  • Automated table assignment
  • Automated meeting notifications
  • In-app private messaging
  • Multiple timezone support
  • 1-to-1 meeting ratings (Beta) New
  • Attendance-type tags New

Content, Sessions & Schedule

  • Easy livestream integration
  • Multi-track schedules
  • Breakout Rooms (up to 200 people)
  • Dedicated speaker section
  • Schedule page with filtering & search
  • Session tags
  • Session locations
  • Calendar Sync
  • Import & export an event's schedule

Ticketing & Registration

  • 3rd party ticketing integrations New
  • Built-in registration & ticketing New
  • Public / open events anyone can join
  • Invite-only events with unique join codes
  • Email invites through Brella New
  • Stripe payments for tickets New
  • Custom experiences by ticket-type New
  • Event reminder emails
  • Event engagement

Sponsorship & Monetization

  • Virtual sponsor booths
  • Interactive content in booths
  • AI-powered prospecting
  • Custom sponsor categories
  • Sponsor ad slots
  • Live sponsor booth chat
  • Booth customization privileges New
  • Real-time data viewing & export New
  • Cover photos for sponsor reps New
  • Hosted buyer program
  • QR badge / contact scanning New


  • Salesforce (Data import & export) New
  • Hubspot (Data import & export) New
  • Eventbrite (Ticketing & registration) New
  • Embedded engagement integrations
  • 500+ integrations to choose from New

Logistics & Attendee experience

  • Display venue floor plans
  • Attendees schedule customization
  • Custom announcements
  • Passwordless authentication

Access Control

  • Group attendees & sponsors New
  • Selective access to networking New
  • Selective access to sessions New

Branding & customization

  • Custom color scheme
  • Custom logo & images
  • Custom page names
  • Customizable homescreen
  • Custom tab names & order
  • Custom attendee onboarding process New
  • Custom tabs to embed your 3rd party integrations New

Data & Analytics

Networking & Event Engagement

  • Number of meetings
  • Who is meeting who
  • Pre-engagement vs during event engagement
  • Livestream analytics
  • Open chat & messaging data

Behavioural Analytics

  • Supply & demand signals
  • Attendee intents
  • Understand market trends
  • Sponsorship sales data
  • Marketing analytics
  • Needs for specific content
  • Event CRM integrations

Customer Success & Networking Consultation

Customer Success

  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager
  • Kickoff meeting
  • Event Communications support
  • Event Sponsorship Consultation
  • Matchmaking consultation
  • Support materials

User & technical support

  • Full end-user support
  • Full technical support
  • Comprehensive Help Center

How we help event organizers succeed

"People are raving about how many new connections they made, how easy it was to meet all these really important like-minded people that have been able to drive their business forwards. The feedback has been incredible, and that's another reason why we love our partnership with Brella!"

Lindsey Imperatore

Lindsey Imperatore

President at CRETech

“It’s already the third time that we are using Brella for our edition, and I couldn’t recommend it more to other event organizers, especially to large conferences that need a proper tool to streamline the networking.”

diana florescu

Diana Florescu

Strategic Advisor at Wolves Summit

"As we started using Brella at more and more events, we've really seen much deeper connections between our attendees and sponsors. It really sets us apart from our competition, so it is the app of choice for us now."


Anastasia Ioannou

General Manager, Insights, Marketing & Innovation Division at Informa

"What we found is the more people use Brella, the higher the net promoter score. And that is a fact. And that is super powerful for us."

bo  brustkern

Bo Brustkern

CEO and Co-founder at LendIt Fintech

"[Brella resulted in] an 18 point increase in ticket retention [for attendees], while ticket retention for exhibitors was 3x higher for those who had meetings via Brella and those who didn't."


Hans-Peter Siefen

Co-founder, Nordic Business Forum

Loved by organizers & attendees alike 

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Put meaningful connections at the heart of your event

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