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Brella is the only event platform that puts audience connections and engagement first. Big, small, virtual, in-person - bring all of your events to life.

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"Being able to not just to know others in my field, but setting up meetings with them was the catalyst of my success."


Attendee at Innovate 2021

Why Brella?

Host an engaging, on-brand experience

Provide a seamless experience for customers and employees with a platform you make your own.

  • The key to effective networking right in your members’ pockets, be it virtual or in-person

  • Foster solid business connections and easy access to a valuable network of professionals

  • Rely on accurate engagement metrics to upgrade your content

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Matchmaking interests

Strengthen relationships with both customers & employees

Whether you're connecting with clients or fostering community between employees, our AI-powered matchmaking helps you bring the right people together for meaningful discussions.

Hassle-free meetings for your attendees 

AI-powered matchmaking

More than a platform - a full service to help you achieve your goals

Planning events is tough. Using your event platform shouldn't be. With detailed analytics, easy set-up, and a personal success manager, you'll have everything you need to succeed.

  • Track session attendance, meeting reports, attendee engagement and more

  • Pivot from in-person to hybrid to virtual with the click of a button

  • Need help? Our teams are ready to assist you with anything you need.

Livestream analytics
Full support for you, your attendees and your sponsors

"Extraordinary networking platform. Personal, professional & business networking."


Business consultant

Facilitate more 1:1 meetings

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Find relevant matches
No-fuss meeting booking

With focused interests tailored to your specific industry, your attendees can create a profile that matches their professional background & expertise.

Instead of endlessly browsing different profiles, your members gain a list of their most relevant connections, based on their interests & event goals.

Set times when attendees can connect with each other. They find mutually available meeting times and send a meeting request in seconds.

How Brella helps your audience achieve their goals

Strengthen client relationships

Combine a seamless brand experience with non-intrusive meeting booking to keep up with them.

Available on all platforms

From our web to our native iOS and Android apps, your attendees can access your event anywhere they are, at any time.

Perfect for internal events

Skip the Zoom meeting and give your employees an experience they'll talk about at coffee breaks 6 months from now.

Engaging product demos

Promote your new products online with embeddable livestreams and interactive chats.

Content available on-demand

Participants can access all your event content on-demand after your event ends.

More ROI to partners

From microsites to ROI analytics and much more, you'll give your partners the experience they deserve.

"Brella made this conference one of the most successful I've ever attended in close to 20 years of attending conferences. I wish all conferences used Brella."

Jamey B

Director of Product Development

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Host impactful events

Create a close-knit community, increase engagement and drive more revenue to your organization with Brella. Contact our team for a demo of our corporate event platform.

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