Provide an irresistible opportunity for your sponsors

Whether for brand awareness or new business, your sponsors want to connect with your audience in their own way. Leverage a robust set of tools to provide a personalized experience to each and every one of your sponsors.


"From [our partners], we got feedback saying 'Wow, this is really something big. This is something you can build on. This is something you should keep doing and pushing in the future'."

Michael Tischler-Zimmermann

Head of International Markets, Austrian Wine

Connect your sponsors with relevant buyers

  • Brella’s AI-powered matchmaking & networking ensures sponsors connect with relevant prospects.

  • Showcase your sponsors directly in Brella to drive awareness and traffic.

  • Schedule meetings for your sponsors with qualified leads.

How Brella gives relevant meetings to all sponsors

Proactively reach out with a personalized request

Proactively reach out with a personalized request

Across all events, over 35% of all outbound meeting requests are accepted.

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Find potential leads quickly

Using interest filters, sponsors can find the best leads in seconds.

Fill their schedule

Fill their schedule

You can utilize our hosted buyer solution to schedule meetings on behalf of your sponsors.

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Powerful avenues to build thought leadership

Get your sponsors involved with your event to boost their ROI. They can host breakout rooms to become a trusted voice, sponsor sessions, and provide their offerings in your digital marketplace.

  • Your sponsors can host breakout sessions and roundtables to establish credibility with their target audience.

  • Show your appreciation by letting all attendees know who has sponsored the session right from the first moment.

  • Provide a microsite optimized for conversions with content hosting, lead generation forms, live chat and much more.

Prove ROI and retain more sponsors

Prove the true value of your event with detailed analytics on booth traffic, meetings, session analytics and much more.

  • Brella’s AI-powered matchmaking & networking ensures sponsors connect with relevant prospects.

  • Showcase your sponsors directly in Brella to drive awareness and traffic.

  • Schedule meetings for your sponsors with qualified leads.

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What our customers think

"I was able to gain 10 leads from Brella meetings. Brella is the best networking tool I've ever used and that's why we use it at all of our events."

nadine schubery

Nadine Schubert

Head of Operations and Business Development (Plug and Play Tech Center)

“One of the unique things about NCN is the sense of community, and our goal was to replicate the type of engagement and networking we see during in-person events through a virtual event platform. Brella helped us accomplish that.

Claire Koch

Claire Koch

Marketing Manager (NCN)

"We received the same score as we get from our physical events and, actually, a higher score in some important parts of our event. And what surprised us most was a higher score of networking virtually than when people are in the same room. "


Jonathan Rudman

CEO (Emax)

"What we found is the more people use Brella, the higher the net promoter score. And that is a fact. That is super powerful for us."

bo brustkern

Bo Brustkern

CEO & Co-founder (LendIt Fintech)

"The main benefits of Brella compared to other tools is definitely the post-event measurements. You can measure everything. The platforms we checked before, it was not possible to get the same statistics and analytics that you can get in Brella. This is a thing that is very important for us."


Oliver Chramosta

Team International Markets (The Austrian Wine Marketing Board)

"As we started using Brella at more and more events, we've really seen much deeper connections between our attendees and sponsors. It really sets us apart from our competition, so it is the app of choice for us now."


Anastasia Ioannou

General Manager (Informa)

"Having this app is a huge step forward. It makes it very easy to schedule meetings and make good connections.”


Yung Lim

CEO (FolioBeyond)

“Brella makes keeping on top of the conference schedule and meeting new people seamless. Inherently efficient. All other tools are useless.”


Jordan Halvorsen

General Partner (Metabolic)

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