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From broad brand awareness to targeted, relevant 1:1 meetings between buyers and sellers, provide an experience that keeps your vendors coming back.

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"Fantastic platform - everything you could need to run creative, engaging online and hybrid events. Sponsors are happy, and attendees don't get lost amongst lots of platforms!"

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Why Brella?

Create your marketplace online & offline

Bring your vendors together on the show floor or online with our microsites. Measure traffic and generate leads, proving real ROI for each vendor.

  • Vendors can easily filter the attendee list by buying intent and schedule a meeting

  • Embed content, measure traffic, engage in discussions and much more in our online marketplace

  • Arm yourself for the post-event call with our detailed analytics

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Connect buyers and sellers instantly

Use the power of artificial intelligence to connect providers with relevant buyers in the most efficient way possible.

  • Improve meeting relevancy with Brella's proprietary intent-driven matchmaking

  • Find mutually available times and send a request - no back and forth required

  • Uncover which attendees signaled interest in your vendors' solutions and follow up with them post-event

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Build thought leadership and measure impact

From sponsored breakout rooms to sessions, get your vendors in front of their audience as a trusted, reliable individual.

  • Track session attendance, meeting reports, vendor & attendee engagement and more

  • Pivot from in-person to hybrid to virtual with the click of a button

  • Need help? Our teams are ready to assist you with anything you need.

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Full support for you, your attendees and your sponsors

"Brella includes everything an event manager wishes and more. From their matchmaking for attendees to virtual booths and speakers. All in one."


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Facilitate more 1:1 meetings

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Find relevant matches
No-fuss meeting booking

With focused interests tailored to your specific industry, your vendors can create a detailed profile to help them find interested buyers.

Instead of endlessly browsing different profiles, your vendors get a pre-filtered list of attendees who are interested in purchasing their solution.

Set times when 1:1 meetings can happen. Vendors can send a meeting request for a specific time block - no back and forth required.

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More value for vendors

Create a close-knit community, increase engagement and drive more revenue to your organization with Brella. Contact our team for a demo of our association platform.

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