We thrive on connecting others and meeting new people

Join us in building the service that has connected tens of thousands of people worldwide.

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Event attendees deserve to make the most out of events and save time, money and patience.

We are on a mission to help people find life-altering connections whether it is your new research partner, co-founder or investor.

We've already helped tens of thousands of people find jobs, colleagues and investors, and we have amazing clients such as Google, AT&T and TechCrunch to name a few.

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Our culture

Thumbs up for the perfect match

The strongest relationships are built on empathy, integrity, genuine curiosity and a bit of fun. Those human touches form the heart of everything we do at Brella.

We're bold explorers

We constantly think outside the box and break new ground. From discovering new ways of assisting our customers to collaborating together across the globe, our goal is to grow as a business - and a team.

Constant learning and growth

Creating excellence means finding your passion. We constantly strive to improve our skills and our work to create the best version of ourselves possible.

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At Brella you can be yourself

Brella is a workplace where you can be yourself, no matter who you are. Because when we bring the best versions of ourselves, that’s how we all succeed.

We learn from our mistakes

We don’t expect perfection but instead embrace our failures, so we can learn from them. With us, you don’t need to know everything.

Tech-centric but human-first

Technology is our core, but empathy and trust form our soul. We always consider the human aspect before numbers, processes or technology.


Transparency, productivity, and people are major aspects that define modern companies as trustworthy. Everyday I see and feel that all three of those present at Brella!

Aynur Atayeva
Customer Success Manager at Brella
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It’s fascinating to be part of this wonderful team that is driven to revolutionize the event industry and improve the way we connect with each other. It's a meaningful goal to aim at.

Alexander Nikolaev
Business Operations Associate at Brella

Working for Brella is the best! You get all the snacks, praise and belly rubs you want. Best of all, there are no office cats.

Minkki the Dog
Head of Good Boy Relations at Brella

My first impression of working at Brella has been amazing! From the warm welcoming of new employees to ensuring customer success, I can really see how the human centric values come into play in everything we do.

Maarit Kaikkonen
Customer Success Manager at Brella
MeetFrank_Autumn2020_FI_Brella_Raunaq Patel

I admire how everyone in Brella is proud of their role in shaping the company & its culture. Working at Brella seems like you are part of a big family who takes care of each other and are driven by passion, curiosity, empathy and modesty.

Raunaq Patel
Lead Product Designer at Brella


Here I have really been able to make an impact and also been given the freedom to make it. It’s an amazing feeling when you can grow with the company in a truly global environment, not one day has passed that I wouldn’t have learned something new.

Jaakko Jalkanen
Marketing Lead at Brella

Since my first day at the company, I've been surrounded by support, endless possibilities and intelligent minds in the Brella family. Working at Brella has not only taught me the ABC of startups but given me important career skills for the future!

Jenni Mämmi
Head of Customer Success at Brella

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