Quadruple ticket retention with AI-powered matchmaking

We come for the content, but what makes your event truly memorable is who we meet. Boost your audience retention by up to 4x by bringing artificial intelligence-powered matchmaking & networking to your events.

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“Best service provider ever for a conference. Not even close.”


Attendee at Fierce JPM Week

"Brella is a great platform which allowed for seamless networking & dipping into conference content. Well done!"


Attendee at LendIt Fintech USA 2020

"I loved that it felt like we were at a conference and having the ability to have the 15 min chats were amazing - great job!"


Attendee at StreamTV Show 2020

“The application is very easy to use and is very useful for generating 1-to-1 meetings.”


Attendee at Mexico Automotive Summit 2021

"Brella was the most unique meeting experience I've had. It was clear, concise and extremely easy to navigate. I really enjoyed it."


Attendee at LendIt Fintech USA 2020

"Great information and networking opportunities. Great use of the technology!"


Attendee at StreamTV Show 2020

"Compared to other networking platforms I've seen during the COVID-19 era, Brella was simply outstanding."


Attendee at Rethinking Business

We were thrilled with the impact Brella provided to Wolves Summit. We were able to increase our meeting count from our previous event!"


Organizer at Wolves Summit

“Matchmaking is the standout feature of the platform. Thanks to it, we understand what interests our audience, and can shape our agenda accordingly."

James Callen

Managing Director at BizClik Media

Easily organize relevant 1:1 and group meetings

Facilitate discussions around topics that matter to your audience. From 1:1 meetings to strengthen networks, to virtual breakout rooms for broader conversations, these interactions improve event satisfaction and ticket retention.

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Meet fast. Meet anywhere.

Scheduling meetings is hassle-free and takes seconds. Your attendees can chat beforehand and take their meeting anywhere - in-person or virtually.

  • Schedule meetings well before the event with our three click meeting booking

  • Use the chat to get to know each other and prepare for the meeting.

  • Meet at the event, or online in your personal video meeting room.

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Loved by organizers & attendees alike 

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How it works

Interests & intents-1

Interests & intents

Your attendees choose interests relevant to your industry and event, plus why they want to network about their choice.

Find relevant matches

Find relevant matches

Our AI then determines the top matches for that attendee based on analyses from thousands of events.

No-fuss meeting booking

No-fuss meeting booking

Once a suitable match is found, attendees can suggest a meeting at a mutually convenient time.

It's the simplest way to connect your attendees.

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Understand the changing needs of your audience

Keep track of the changing interests, skills and desires of your audience. You can view the most popular interests, the goals of your attendees, and how many meetings each attendee had.

Interest & intent reporting
Meeting count 
Engagement metrics
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Other events give sponsors leads. Give yours meetings instead.

Your event is an incredible opportunity for new business and deals. The average outbound sponsor meeting request is 35%, meaning more meetings and more deals for your sponsors.

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The State of Networking

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State of Networking

What attendees have to say

“Having this app is a huge step forward. It makes it very easy to schedule meetings and make good connections.”

Yung Lim

CEO, FolioBeyond

"Brella is the best virtual event networking tool that I've used (and there have been a lot of the course of the pandemic)"


Attendee at StreamTV Show 2020

“Brella makes keeping on top of the conference schedule and meeting new people seamless. Inherently efficient. All other tools are useless.”

Jordan Halvorsen

General Partner at Metabolic

“It’s a wonderful networking tool that makes attending a conference and meeting with industry peers so much more effective. I was blown away. I have never seen an app like this before. Sorely needed and so much more fun knowing who you’re meeting with. It’s a great way to create a collaborative ecosystem.”

Maria Davis

Chief Operating Officer at Maycrest Capital

“We received the same score as we get from our physical events, but what surprised us most was a higher score of networking virtually than when people are in the same room. The score of 5.45 in networking activities is .4 higher than normal and is directly correlated to our use of Brella."

Jonathan Rudman

CEO at Emax

“Networking is a top priority for our customers, since that’s what drives growth and business in the end. Brella has been very valuable for us in order to facilitate networking and matchmaking, whether our event has been run offline, online or as a hybrid event.”

Hans-Peter Siefen

Co-founder of Nordic Business Forum

“Best service provider ever for a conference. Not even close.”


Attendee at Fierce JPM Week

“Compared to other networking platforms I’ve seen during the COVID-19 era, Brella was simply outstanding at NBF.”


Attendee at Nordic Business Forum

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Bring your attendees together

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