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97% of users in TechCrunch SF 2018 recommended Brella

"Our collaboration with Brella has really been instrumental in producing the best networking experience at our events."

Ned Desmond, COO at TechCrunch
Ned Desmond
COO at TechCrunch
Smart Event Matchmaking for your event Smart Event Matchmaking

Brella 101

Brella suggests people to meet based on mutual goals

Your attendees find matches based on mutual interests and the goals they want to achieve.

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    Detailed profile

    Custom pitch, profile photo, social media links and more.
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    Relevant interests & intents

    Help your attendees achieve their goals with detailed intents around specific interests.
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    No-sweat sign in

    Social authentications make registration a breeze.

Book 1:1 meetings with top matches

Your attendees select a time, send a meeting request, and receive a location automatically.

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    Meeting schedule

    View your event schedule side-by-side with their meeting schedule.
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    Reschedule meetings easily with a few clicks.
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    Chat & video conferencing

    Chat opens once the meeting is accepted, plus attendees can network virtually.
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The meeting happens, live or online. It’s time to network!

Your attendees connect at the scheduled time, either at a table or in the app. It's simple.

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    Live & virtual meeting area

    Use numbered tables for live events, or host meetings directly in the chat.
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    Power meetings

    Each meeting lasts 15 minutes. No time wasted!
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    Attendees get meeting reminders 5 minutes before.

Structure your event networking for increased value

"Having a facilitated, structured environment where we can actually enable 15-minute speed-dating, essentially, among our clients is just great value added, and it's core to what we do here at LendIt."

Bo Brustkern, Co-founder at LendIt USA
Bo Brustkern
Co-Founder at LendIt USA

Relevant networking features

Smart Event Matchmaking

Power to your attendees

Smart event matchmaking means smart networking decisions. Give your attendees matches based on event goals -  no swiping, no grouping, just easy-to-find, relevant people to meet.

Simple and effective chat for easy event networking

Simple pre-engagement

It's easy for your attendees to talk with each other. Once meetings are accepted, they can chat and discuss. Plus, all their messages and meeting details are saved to their account so if they forget to ask for a business card, they're covered.


Virtual conferencing, 1:1 or groups

Your attendees can network, no matter where they are, and with no extra downloads.


A simpler way to connect

No back and forth, no double-booking, no stress. Scheduling a meeting takes mere seconds, and it's simple to reschedule.

Why organizers love Brella

Organizing events is serious business, and event matchmaking is only one part of that. From collecting valuable data to giving your sponsors ROI, we’ll help you.

  • Data dashboard

    Make data-driven decisions

    Don't guess in the dark. Understand exactly how your event performed.

    The data you need

  • Sponsors & Partners

    Incredible sponsor support

    We'll make sure your sponsors succeed - so you do, too.

    Platform for sponsors

  • Customer Support Team & On-site Support

    A dedicated team of pros

    From beginning to end, we’re with you on your event journey.

    How our team guides you

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    Virtual & hybrid event support

    The best and easiest way to take your event online.

    Brella for virtual events

More meetings for attendees

"If I were doing this manually, I'd be lucky if I had one-tenth the meetings. It's just a very efficient way to plan a day."

John Costa at ACG
John Costa
Managing Director at ACG

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