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It’s hard to capture the true culture of a company and put it into words. But here’s a little bit about us, how we operate and what we believe in. We hope it resonates with you!

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Our mission

We accomplish everything in life with the help of other people.


People accomplish everything in life with the help of others. We exist to empower people with access to meaningful connections and knowledge.


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Brella's values

The strongest relationships are built on empathy, integrity, genuine curiosity and a bit of fun. Those human touches form the heart of everything we do at Brella.

Boldly exploring what lies beyond the trail

Getting off trail means thinking outside the box and breaking new ground, persevering to discover new ways of helping our customers, collaboration and growing as a business and a team. Curiosity helps us view the unknown in a positive light, while innovation helps us find new paths and trails.

Urge to conquer and grow

Creating excellence means finding your passion and letting it fuel your steps to success. Like the best inventors, we continually strive to improve ourselves and our work to create the best version of ourselves possible. We embrace our entrepreneurial spirits and always seek out more responsibilities and opportunities.

Confidence without arrogance,
humility without shame

Trust and respect yourself and others. We have the most brilliant minds working together - and that means you too. Mistakes happen. But perseverance and enthusiasm keeps us on our feet, no matter how many times we fall. Humility, respect and integrity are all easier to carry than a large ego.

Human-centric & customer-first

Technology is our core, but empathy and trust form our soul. We always consider the human aspect before numbers, processes or technology. Honest and open communication foster trust in our partnerships, whether they’re between our customers or ourselves.

About us

5 years old 20+ nationalities 1M+ networking meetings
2 offices 68 average eNPS score 3 office guinea pigs
12 office dogs 2 office cats 5 founders

Brella's story

Events are perfect environments for collaboration, growth, and new opportunities. But these opportunities need facilitation. Gathering many people into one area isn’t enough - they need a simple way to connect with each other.

Enter Brella.

In just 5 short years, we’ve helped more than 1 million people in more than 60 countries by giving them a powerful, meaningful and rewarding event experience.

While events provide amazing learning opportunities and stunning experiences, the real magic is when you meet the right person.

A fruitful partnership

We’re proud to have helped create new jobs, connect job-hunters with recruiters, businesses grow, scientists & researchers connect, companies find investment and so much more.

We believe 100% in the power of human connections, because we achieve everything with the help of others.

Meeting the right person at the right time changes everything - and we want to give that experience to every attendee worldwide.

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We’ve been fortunate to work with a variety of industries and customers and gain the trust of a ton of big brands.

But creating great experiences for attendees starts at home, ensuring you have the best possible team and a work environment where you feel appreciated, safe and inspired.

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