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The Challenge: Enhancing Networking Opportunities

"We wanted a cost-effective and simple solution to increase networking opportunities at our conferences," says Mark Thomas, an event organizer at Informa Markets.

He continues: "We received many requests from attendees who wanted to see the list of participants before the show, so they could better prepare. Additionally, as our conferences grew in size, it became harder for attendees to meet the right people. Brella solved both of these challenges perfectly."

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A True Event Partner

Brella is more than just a supplier; it is an event partner dedicated to ensuring the success of its clients. "Brella is always on hand to make sure we are as successful as possible," Mark continues. "The app is perfect for our conference needs, and our engagement is constantly rising as we introduce it to more event brands. It is a slick, easy-to-use, and cost-effective tool."

The impact of Brella on event networking is evident through impressive statistics:

  • 60% Platform Engagement: On average, 60% of the audience actively uses the platform across all shows, with some events reaching as high as 62%.
  • Increasing Engagement: Engagement levels are consistently rising.
  • Record-Breaking Meetings: Brella facilitated a record number of meetings.
  • Over 5,000 Chat Messages: The app supported over 5,000 chat messages, enhancing communication among attendees.
  • Essential Meeting Zones: Dedicated meeting zones powered by Brella have become an essential part of the show.
  • Streamlined Communication: Integration with Brella helped streamline communications and enhanced security.
  • Helpful Pre-Built Emails: Pre-built emails provided by Brella have been extremely helpful, with organizers wishing for even more templates.
  • Ease of Management: Compared to other apps on the market.
  • Outstanding Support: The Customer Success Manager (CSM) team is amazing, and the support chat is super responsive.







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