Meet the Brella pets!

What's it like to be a pet at Brella? We asked a few furry friends to give the lowdown on all things pets.

Hello everyone! 👋

It's been a whirlwind around Slack and the office as everyone gets ready for the holidays, so for this month's Meet a Brellaneer post, we have something special for you.

Brella is proudly pet-friendly, and we love seeing new friends around the office. We even have our own Slack channel for sharing adorable pictures of your pets (and trust me, it's a popular one).

So, we thought that we'd ask the adorable pets themselves what life is like at Brella, as they play an important role in the lives of our Brellaneers!

(And no, this is not an exhaustive list of the pets at Brella 😉)

Say hello to... My!

Who are you and what do you do at Brella?

I’m My, I’m a miniature poodle and I’ve worked at Brella as a Golf Ball Coordinator since spring.

92437BAC-31A4-4818-9A0C-19B7505433ABHello! Why yes, I do love Christmas, how could you tell?

Tell us about your owner and what do they do at Brella? 

Milla is actually my auntie and not my “real” owner but she gives so great belly scratches and it’s so much fun to join her at the office so sometimes I even wish she was my owner. But she’s at least a great auntie!

Back to the question… I’ve heard Milla works as something they call a People Coordinator. Sounds a bit odd to me, how can you coordinate people? Golf balls on the other hand I do understand. I do believe she makes sure everyone is happy and helps them out with any problems, a bit like when my ball gets stuck under the sofa. I have also sometimes seen her give snacks to people, that’s my favorite part of her job because sometimes I get a treat as well.

WhatsApp Image 2021-12-15 at 08.39.06 (1)

What does your typical day at Brella look like?

When I arrive at the office I first check out if any of my colleagues are there already. Sometimes I sniff places and I can smell that e.g. Kevin & the gang were here yesterday. Shoot! How did I miss them again?!

After that I greet whoever is there and then it’s time for my favorite time of the day: golf ball time. We have a box full of golf balls, and my duty is to make sure I drool on every single one. This I do for approximately the next 7 hours until Auntie Milla tells me it’s time to go home.

How would you describe Brella's culture and your colleagues in your own words?

We have such a lovely group of people and everyone accepts me exactly the way I am. I have also noticed that people are very eager to help me and share things with me.

By this, I mean that some people for example help me if the golf balls get stuck in a tricky place or if I stare at them long enough during lunch they might share something delicious with me.

Say hello to... Rambo, Ash, and Pai!

Who are you and what do you do at Brella?

We’re Rambo (Red), Ash (Grey), and Pai (White). We’re the 3 Brellla Musketeers. We visit the office for cuddles and treats!

Image from iOS (46)
Happy holidays from the Three Musketeers!

Tell us about your owner and what do they do at Brella?

We hear Aaron typing all the time! When he is in a meeting, we like to take naps. Whenever Aaron opens the fridge, we make sure we ‘wheek’ loudly so he knows he owes us a treat. Even if we got one a whole minute ago 😆

Whenever we hear plastic bags or wrapping, we also let him know he needs to pay up. Where Aaron goes is a mystery, but sometimes we go into our travel cages and end up at the Brella office! We love to popcorn with excitement when we travel to different places 😍

What does your typical day at Brella look like?

We travel in two carriages and Aaron brings us to a magical Brella office. The office is full of green plant walls, so we get so excited when we see the familiar cage set up with yummy hay and veggie treats!

When other people come to see us, we run from the big hands, but when we are caught, we are happy there are treats waiting for us and we get to cuddle! When it’s time to get home, Aaron packs us up and we go home for more treats for all our hard cuddle work 🥰

How would you describe Brella's culture and your colleagues in your own words?

We love the cuddles. We especially love it when some people give us pea flakes, and also snacks! Brella is full of fruits, which is awesome. We always look forward to visiting the office and everyone in it. All for cuddles, and cuddles for all!

Say hello to... Tulppa, Marvin, and Kevin!

Who are you and what do you do at Brella?

We are Tulppa, Marvin and Kevin, Spanish greyhounds. We started at Brella in the beginning of this year and visit the office regularly. Marvin is the Chief Sofa Officer, Kevin is the Head of Putting Green and Tulppa is an intern in Social Relations.

Image from iOS (43)


Tell us about your owner and what do they do at Brella?

Our hooman, Krista, mainly sits by her laptop and presses buttons or talks to people. Her meetings are a lot more boring than ours, but when in the office, we join her meetings too. Her mission seems to be to break things, that’s when she gets very excited. She also tells us not to run in the office, that’s one of her more important tasks.

What does your typical day at Brella look like?

We have many meetings with people from all roles. In these meetings we let the people speak to us while they pet us, as good communication is two parts listening, one part getting scratches.

In between meetings we visit the sofas and beds as well as the soft grass of the putting green. The corridor in the office is ideal for running (which is what we are made for), but our hooman does not allow us to use the opportunity. 🙄 How are we supposed to show off who is the fastest then?

How would you describe Brella's culture and your colleagues in your own words?

Our colleagues at Brella are always super welcoming when we come to the office and give us a lot of love. They are there to help whenever we need (for example, one time when we needed another bed, everyone banded together and we got one super quick). Some even have treats and want to train us to do better at our jobs!

Image from iOS (36)
You wish your Christmas sweater was as fabulous as mine 😎

Say hello to... Simba!

Who are you and what do you do at Brella?

I’m Simba - a big Maine Coon. I have not been in the Brella office. So, I am fully remote. Like a raccoon, usually, I wash some stuff in my basin. It’s a very important job.

I'm also great at hiding.

Tell us about your owner and what do they do at Brella?

Mike is not just my owner, he is my good friend. Every morning we have breakfast together. After that Mike is sitting in the opposite of his PC (in headphones of course) and he is typing, typing and typing the whole day. I know it’s a good time for my sleeping. Sometimes I touch his elbow to know he is ok. As I heard, he is a backend developer. I have no idea what it is, but I think he loves his job.

What does your typical day at Brella look like?

As I said before, I am fully remote, and my typical day is in our flat. I sleep for most of the day, because lots of sleep keeps me looking young and beautiful. When Mike has some free time, we go to our balcony and enjoy the view from our window, or we play together with my ball and spider toy.

When I’m very bored and Mike is busy, I put my toys in my basin and play with them there. I like water! I don’t get why other cats ignore it, as they have no idea what fun they are missing. If Mike has a call, I go to another room. I don’t want to disturb him.

How would you describe Brella's culture and your colleagues in your own words?

Unfortunately, I haven't met the Brellaneers in person 😿 I have met some of them via video chat. However, Mike has told me a lot about his colleagues, and I think they are amazing people. As Mike said, they are always ready to help, and that's one of the most important things. If Mike loves them, then I do too. I hope to visit the office next year and meet all of them (but only if they prepare some yummies for me).

Say hello to... Rex!

Who are you and what do you do at Brella?

Hey there! My name is Rex, but my hooman usually calls me: Rex, Stop That!, Rexiiiiii, T-Rex, Rex DON’T!!! and the babiest baby. I have visited the Brella office once for a quick work inspection and I must say there were no yummy treats, so I left a smelly review near the carpet, and my hooman banned me until I learn manners 🙄 Can you believe that? 


Tell us about your owner and what do they do at Brella?

My hooman’s work is quite funny! I see her laughing and singing from her chair when working from home and I like it because she gives me more treats when feeling happy. On other days she’s just writing so much that I can only hear the keyboard… click, click, click, tap, tap, tap! When she's hit her keyboard for too long, I make sure to go grab my toy and bring it to her so she knows it's time for a break.

I once heard that she works in something called customer support, but I’m sure her job is something like “Problem-Solving-Creative-Ideator-Bug-Hunter-Event-Specialist-Party-Planner” with a specialization in typing all-day-long. 

What does your typical day at Brella look like?

As mentioned before, I was temporarily banned by my hooman from the office for my unappreciated feedback. But overall, it looks like a really great place because my hooman goes a couple of days a week even if it’s not mandatory. I’ve heard it’s a place that she likes a lot and where she socializes with her colleagues.

I love when she visits the office too, because she takes me to the daycare to play with my friends. Then when we come home, we get to travel by tram and watch the beautiful city from the window, and I also get treatos if I've been a good boy (which I always am!) 🐶

How would you describe Brella's culture and your colleagues in your own words?

From my only visit to the office, I must say that the welcoming reception was 10/10. My hooman’s colleague was very excited to see me and indeed I reacted back with the necessary excitement, so we both hugged and I made sure to give a good impression so I stood up to give her kisses but we both fell down because she didn’t expect me to be such a strong boy. I hope she remembers me because I know I’ll come back one day.

My hooman is always happy to plan funny activities for her colleagues and she talks with grandmamita a lot about how much she likes her job, so I know everyone in the company are good friends - just like the ones I have at the daycare!

Say hello to... Minkki!

Who are you and what do you do at Brella?

Hi all! I’m Minkki, sir Benjamin is my second name.  I’m a chihuahua, a second-generation teddy bear and a 10-year old silver-ish fox that lives for cheese and naps. I’m the Head of Goodboi Relations here at Brella, I’m mostly working from home but you can find me napping from the sofa corner whenever I bother to show up 😴  I like to observe and judge from the side, but be the center of attention when it comes to belly rubs and cuddles.


Tell us about your owner and what do they do at Brella?

My hooman is Jenni, and I think she sometimes doesn’t quite understand who’s the real boss of this pack. She thinks it’s her, but little does she really know… She usually spends her days just sitting in front of her computer, looking like this: 🧐 Instead of that stupid computer, I think she should focus on me. But I know how to fix that!

Usually when she works, I walk, sit down next to her and stare directly into her soul. Her average breaking time is around 20 seconds and after that, she picks me up and holds me while simultaneously typing on her computer. This way, I also get to show my handsome face in Zoom meetings 😎

What does your typical day at Brella look like?

Well, doesn’t the title say it all? I build goodboi relations! It's my job to ensure that all the Brellaneers have the best vibes at the office (whenever I feel like going there; I have pretty flexible office hours). I avoid stress at all costs because I don’t want wrinkles. That’s why most of my days, I nap and beg for food and cuddles.

Screenshot 2021-12-15 at 9.06.11
Just me (Minkki) living my best stress-free life 😴 

How would you describe Brella's culture and your colleagues in your own words?

The people at Brella are the best! Whenever I go to the office, I’m too excited to sleep! In office mornings, I gracefully do an office round to say hello to everyone. I love that everyone is always so welcoming and I find it so funny when they ask my hooman “Is he friendly”? 😆 Dunno where that chihuahua reputation comes from... 🤨

The culture at Brella is so welcoming. I’ve always gotten the most heartwarming greetings from everyone that nowadays whenever we enter the Brella office, I run straight to the kitchen area and don’t even remember that my hooman exists :D Jenni who?

Now calling all pet owners (and pet lovers)

As you can see, Brella is a great place for pets of all kinds, and people too!

Our mission, values and culture are documented on our Careers page, so don't miss it. Maybe we'll see your pet in our Slack channel soon?

(If you don't have a pet, you can just do what I do - turn on high priority notifications for whenever someone makes a new post, and gush over it instantly 🐶😻)

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