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Nordic Business Forum has scaled their networking experiences to the next level, consistently reaching higher numbers year after year.


Nordic Business Forum gathers together business leaders and the world’s most inspiring experts and thinkers to share ideas and build connections.

The company is best known for its annual business conference in Helsinki, Finland. The annual main event gathers together over 5,700 attendees from over 30 countries, 25 percent of the attendees being CEOs.

First organized in 2010, the main event has grown to be one of the most significant business seminars in the world.

The challenge

With over 5,000 bright minds gathering yearly under one roof, Nordic Business Forum faced a networking efficiency problem.

They needed a trustworthy networking service that could host thousands of attendees with no hiccups and help them find the most valuable business connections.

The organizers also wanted to streamline their attendee journey and offer a service that could double as an event app - offering a schedule, agenda, feedback and more.

“We believe that inspiring and equipping business leaders who want to make the world a better place is the single most effective way in which we can make an effect on the whole society at large.”

The solution

Nordic Business Forum used Brella in 2014 and has continued to this day.

The unique matchmaking algorithm suited the needs of the event organizers because they wanted their attendees to find the best possible networking matches.

As well, Brella's elegant design and focus on the user experience means that all attendees are able to network effectively, no matter their background or expertise.

By creating a dedicated pre-event engagement plan alongside Brella's customer success team, 75% of attendees join Brella and begin scheduling meetings before the event.

They also made use of Brella's custom pages feature and robust schedule to ensure even non-networkers got value from Brella.

The results are in the numbers - nearly 3,500 meetings occured over two days, a record high for the business event.

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6 events

16,500 users

13,000 meetings

75% avg. pre-event engagement rate


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