Brella for virtual events

Platform with end-to-end support for your virtual events

Host your complete conference online with no compromise. Provide an engaging, relevant and profitable experience for all participants.

Free download: The ultimate guide to virtual and hybrid events


Host engaging, personalized sessions

Your attendees see your livestream first thing when they join your event. You'll provide a personalized, engaging and exciting home page to set the tone just right.

Dedicated livestream sections

Host multiple sessions simultaneously and ensure your attendees don't miss a moment with picture-in-picture.

Notifications and reminders

Keep your attendees informed of changes, delays and more with notifications and reminders.

Breakout rooms

Facilitate deep-dive discussions with moderated breakout rooms.


Relevant (not random) participant connections

Our AI-powered matchmaking algorithm offers each participant a list of who to meet, plus a simple way to book a meeting.

Save the chatroulette for the after party - your attendees come to meet the right people, not random people.

Native 1:1 video conferencing

No extra downloads needed - attendees can take their meeting directly in Brella.

Detailed interest analytics

Empower your future marketing efforts by understanding what makes your audience tick.


Make your event shine

It's your event - your attendees deserve to know. With our branding features, you'll make it another part of your media portfolio.

From the logo to the platform colors and much more, you'll provide a seamless brand experience for every single participant.


"Brella's AI-powered matchmaking technology reduced the friction many attendees face when attending events by recommending connections based on a user's profile. Overall, we were pleased with the results as our attendees were able to maximize their time and ability to connect with those who would help them achieve their goals."

Peter Bordes, Managing Director, Global Events at CoinDesk
Peter Bordes
Managing Director, Global Events at CoinDesk 

“We received the same score as we get from our physical events and, actually, a higher score in some important parts of our event. And what surprised us most was a higher score of networking virtually than when people are in the same room. The score of 5.45 in networking activities is .4 higher than normal and is directly correlated to our use of Brella."

Jonathan Rudman, CEO of EMAX
Jonathan Rudman

“Brella stepped in at exactly the right moment when we didn’t have the strength and they supported and kept us together throughout the journey. It was humbling to see they were 100% in with us, and that gave us the confidence to take these bold steps forward.”

Mia Kemppaala, Founder of Polar Bear Pitching
Mia Kemppaala
Founder at Polar Bear Pitching

Virtual sponsor & exhibitor support

Generate revenue for your exhibitors and ensure a profitable experience for your sponsors.

Free guide: How to create virtual sponsor experiences using Brella >

Live chat & meaningful 1:1 meetings

Sponsors can chat at their booth, or book direct 1:1 meetings with the most promising prospects

Video on Demand + Downloadable content

Upload demos, brochures, info decks and much more for attendees to view and download

All the essentials your virtual conference needs

We're experts at hosting conferences of any format or type. Contact our team now for a demo.

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    Livestream hosting & chat

    Host multiple engaging & interactive livestreams simultaneously
  • Matchmaking@3x

    1:1 hosted video conferencing

    Attendees can meet 1:1 directly in your platform
  • feature-2

    Breakout rooms

    Host deep-dive discussions around specific topics
  • Sponsors@2x

    Virtual booths & digital lead gen

    Drive more qualified leads to your sponsors
  • feature-1

    Customization & branding

    Make the platform your own
  • Brella_icons-06

    Streamlined event builder

    Create your event easily through speaker & sponsor import, schedule import and more.
  • Data--big@2x

    Detailed event analytics

    Measure content performance, livestream timestamps, sponsor ROI and so much more

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