Choose the best platform for your conference

Since 2020, virtual has proven to be a powerful and dynamic format for event organizers.

So, how do you plan a virtual event and what do you need to succeed?

Well, quite simply, you need a virtual event platform. They serve as your virtual venue to host your content, connect your attendees, and provide you with plenty of event data.

Make sure you choose the right one with this useful handbook. Inside you'll learn:

  • The essential features you need for content hosting, audience engagement, revenue generation, and more
  • How organizers from Informa, Questex, Nordic Business Forum, and more managed their virtual events
  • The essential data your virtual event platform needs to capture and report on
  • The full potential of AI-powered matchmaking and how to implement it at your next virtual event

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"By harnessing the energy of a virtual event, we were not only able to track more attendees and attract new attendees who have never been to Consensus, but we were able to attract new attendees from new markets. The ability to make it more convenient and easier for all of your stakeholders, that is the true power of virtual events."


Peter Bordes

Managing Director of Global Events at CoinDesk

Don't miss out - take your conference online

Virtual event platforms are much more than a tool - they are the venue where your audience interacts, connects and engages with each other.

Whether you love or hate them, virtual events are not going away. Hosting your conference wholly online is more than possible. It can even be profitable.

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Gather relevant data to inform your event strategy

One of the huge benefits of virtual events is data – and lots of it. And if you aren’t using data to drive your business strategy, you’ll soon be left behind by those who are.

Remind yourself that measurement doesn’t start and stop when your event does - you can measure what happens before and after too. This helps paint a three-dimensional picture of your attendees’ journey.

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Provide contextual meetings in an engaging atmosphere

A virtual event is far more than a livestream or webinar. It also includes engaging elements and fosters collaboration between your attendees.

And a huge part of audience engagement is networking. After all, what’s more engaging than meeting the right person to drive business and achieve your goals?


Choose the right platform

Our guide has the answers to all the questions you could have about choosing a virtual event platform. It's not a decision to make lightly - so uncover how leading conference organizers choose the best platform for their needs.

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