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Together with LendIt Fintech USA we created a networking experience that flowed as smoothly as possible for the attendees.

How it all started

LendIt USA and LendIt Europe are the leading events for innovation in financial services. Even though they are big players in the financial service event field, the organizers weren’t happy with the networking possibilities at their events. 

In autumn 2016 LendIt was looking for a new solution to organize their networking at events. LendIt USA was first organized in New York in 2013 and the event immediately sold out. Today LendIt has grown into the largest lending and fintech conference in each region they operate: USA, China and Europe.

Jason Jones, one LendIt’s co-founders, was visiting InsureTech Connect in Las Vegas where he used Brella for the first time and he was impressed by the software. He had been looking for a solution for a while and this was something that ticked most of the boxes.

Brella and LendIt decided to launch a trial at the LendIt USA 2017 event. The event was held in New York in March and generated 2,000 meetings in total.

The solution

Together with Lendit Europe we decided to make networking at the New York and London events as valuable as possible.

Lendit wanted a tool that would automate and organize the meetings in an easy way. 

We invited the conference attendees to the platform three weeks prior to the event. This allowed the attendees to schedule and plan the meetings beforehand and both LendIt and Brella received great feedback for the feature.

Lendit Europe was held in London in October 2017. Since we had already trialed the partnership in New York six months earlier, it was easy to organize everything for the London event.

“I haven’t seen a networking software this efficient before. Brella really surprised me in a positive way and made my event experience better.”

-Anttoni Airikkala, Fellow Finance


Brella produced over 3,000 meetings at the Lendit USA event and almost 1,000 meetings at the smaller Europe event.

“Partnering with Brella to facilitate better networking at our global events has been a consistently positive experience for the LendIt team. From onboarding and strategy discussions to on-site event support, everyone we’ve worked with has always been professional, accessible, and fully committed to helping us maximize our investment in Brella”, Nora Steinman, marketing strategist at LendIt describes.

Let’s look at some Brella numbers from Lendit Europe:

  • Event Length: 2 days
  • Users signed up to Brella: 488
  • Booked Meetings: 954
  • Av. meetings per user: 5.0

According to Airikkala, Director for New Markets at Fellow Finance, Brella was very helpful during the event.

“I was able to see beforehand who was going to attend Lendit, I was able to book the meetings two weeks before and even ask what he or she would like to discuss during the meeting. It lead to a situation where we were able to go straight into the point and we got really far in the discussion in just 15 minutes.”

According to Anttoni, most of his meetings will lead to further discussions. ”I can surely say that over half of the meetings will lead to further discussions and meetings. I haven’t seen a networking software this efficient before. Brella really surprised me in a positive way and made my event experience better.”

In the future the LendIt organization is looking forward to testing the Brella sponsor-sales even further.

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