How Can You Improve Event Attendance?

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Not all of your attendees pay their own way to your event.

For business events especially, the company sends employees to events on their dime. However, this generosity comes with expectations.

Not all businesses jump at the chance to send employees away either. For example, 30% of Millennials attending events need permission from someone higher up the business food chain. And it’s difficult at times to convey the real benefits of attending events.

Negotiation skills are valuable for employees, but what if you as an event organizer could offer something to help them out?

Break the barriers

Your attendees have many barriers in the way of your event.

The Decision To Attend Study found that 76% of Millennials would attend more often if the circumstances allowed, but cost and time are large barriers to overcome. Another barrier is convincing the decision makers that your event is worth the cost and time.

However, helping younger generations attend events improves their future attendance rates.

Helping them attend events means more repeat ticket sales.

But how can you help your potential attendees become actual attendees?

A simple way is creating an email template that your attendees can fill out and send to the decision maker. Include relevant information, like what they will learn, how they will improve their skills and other information. This way, all the attendee has to do is copy-paste it to their email, add names and send it along.

You could also prepare a small document or infographic with previous event statistics, like the speakers and content discussed, feedback on the event and how other attendees improved their skills. This helps the attendee show benefits and saves them time.

Also, offering solutions like discounts or subsidies to help offset the event costs can be the tipping point in a yes or no situation. Giving them to younger or first-time attendees encourages attendance and helps soothe the budget worries of their decision makers.

Don’t count on the name of your event to draw people. Give clear benefits of your event so you can entice attendees and help them convince the decision makers to let them out of the office.

Support and help

People want to attend events. By encouraging and assisting people to your events, you give them a taste of the event lifestyle and increase their desire to attend more events.

However, not everyone can attend.

You know what your attendees are like. What do they need? What are the real benefits of your event? By letting them know, you give them the power to define why they need to attend.

Don’t assume the value of your event is known to all. Help your future attendees convey the benefits and value of your event and watch them come again and again.

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