Brella and Wonder partner to create unique 360 networking experiences

Virtual events, while having many benefits, lack a certain something that gives events their charm. They typically lack serendipity and don’t offer attendees the opportunity to randomly meet others for casual chats. And, to be fair to organizers, most tools available don’t provide opportunities that encourage these random conversations.

Brella and Wonder hope to change that by bringing in-person networking experiences to virtual events across the globe.

“Despite our different areas of focus, we’re both making human connections as seamless and as meaningful as possible,” says Jani Lehtimäki, Co-founder and VP of Partnerships at Brella. “Since 2016, we have brought attendees together for meaningful meetings that drive business and increase engagement. That’s why we are partnering with Wonder - to offer the best possible solution to help event organizers create genuine and meaningful connections at their virtual events.”

During a period where the metaverse is the buzzword of 2022, Brella and Wonder plan to bring a seamless networking experience to virtual events, where attendees can hop in and out of calls, mingle and chat with other attendees with no agenda, and move around online while still easily connecting with people that they want to meet.

“Brella’s comprehensive event platform wowed us from the beginning," says Pascal Steck, CGO at Wonder. "It's incredibly user-friendly and design-oriented, making it the perfect partner for Wonder's virtual networking tool."

Networking is an integral pillar at events, no matter if you’re present at the venue or attending virtually. Brella and Wonder have a goal to facilitate one million new discussions by the end of the year - an ambitious goal, but one they are confident they will achieve.

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Brella is the leading event platform for virtual, physical and hybrid events, with a presence in over 60 countries. Visit for more information.

We offer all the essential tools and analytics needed to host engaging and relevant events of any size, type and format.

Brella offers event and marketing directors the essential and necessary insights and analytics to help them plan more engaging, captivating and successful events in the future.

Wonder is a virtual space where groups can interact in a way that feels natural and energizing. Visit for more information.

By bringing the spatial paradigm to the virtual world, we empower hosts and guests to shape their events and allow for serendipitous encounters among participants.

Wonder adds breadth and depth to social interactions, and makes it feel easy and natural for attendees to navigate the social dynamics of an event.