Networking at events has never been this easy

Automated invitations for attendees and sponsors

Matchmaking based on business needs

Dedicated time and place for face-to-face meetings

Your event, your brand

You can customize the Brella app from sign up to the actual event to ensure seamless brand experience with your event well before the actual thing.

A matchmaking app that works

You’ve probably tried out matchmaking tools at some international conferences before, but let’s be honest, they don’t really work. At Brella, we are committed to delivering the best matchmaking app on the planet and the numbers speak for themselves – attendees book up to 400% more meetings with Brella compared to traditional matchmaking apps.

Trusted by hundreds of event professionals

Brella is used by the world’s greatest event organizers.

“New connections are one of the most important things that people look for in business seminars.

Brella, with its unique event networking service, revolutionizes our ability to serve people in that respect.”

Hans-Peter Siefen,
Founder of Nordic Business Forum, Largest Business Conference in the Nordics


What event attendees have to say

We love hearing  from our users how Brella has made a real difference and helped them succeed.

Brella turned our participation into $350,000 of ROI via close-in meetings with potential clients and distributors. Every conference should use this great app!

Chris Augeri,
CEO, Drive Spotter

We found our first angel investor via Brella.

Joonas Ahola, CEO & Founder
Cocouz Oy /

Brella is the most user-friendly conference networking tool I have ever used.

Martha Notaras,
Partner, XL Innovate (VC)

I hope to use Brella again. It was very productive rather than me wandering around the venue looking for people.

Mike Zayonc,
Corporate Developing Manager, Plug & Play Tech Center

Networking without Brella is a waste of time.

Ville Hulkko,
Video Artificial Intelligence, Valossa

I was able to overcome the fear of “who makes the first step to approach the other”

Chrysoula Stratoudakis,
Analyst, ALE SI

100,000+ happy users

Happy users are more likely to recommend your event to other professionals and come back the next time.

”From the last event I have closed three major partnerships.

I wouldn’t have met these people without Brella”

Alex Kim,
COO, DropIn

Take your event experience to the next level

Not sure if Brella is the right tool for you? Contact us and let our event professionals help you.