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Measurable exposure and trackable meetings generate great ROI for your partners

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"Our company has invested a lot of money so that I can come here, so I need to be able to show my director who I met. Because of Brella, I can go back and show a list of people I met and who I had a good 15 minute conversation with."

Dave Hazan, Versapay
Dave Hazan
Sponsors Tab – Interacted – 1-1

Increase visibility and extend sponsor reach

Put your sponsors in the networking heart of your event and help them create great connections with attendees.

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    Detailed partners tab

    Add your sponsors and sponsorship levels to give more visibility to attendees.
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    Sponsor promotion

    Promote your sponsors directly in the attendee list to boost visibility.
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    Easy-to-find reps

    All representatives from your sponsors are added automatically to the partner tab so they're easy to find.
Show sponsors what they've earned Measure event pre-engagement and networking interests

Better, provable ROI

Help your sponsors gain better ROI and show them where they earned it. From meeting value to attendee interests, they’ll leave with more value and satisfaction.

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    Track meetings

    Calculate better ROI by showing how many meetings their reps booked.
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    Pre-event brand exposure

    Track attendee use time in the platform where your sponsors are.
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    Attendee interest data

    Show sponsors how many attendees were looking for their type of solutions to entice them next year.

Provide the best digital sales opportunities for sponsors

Don't lose out on your sponsorships when you host your virtual or hybrid event. Brella has all the features you need to provide incredible online packages for your exhibitors and sponsors.

Brella for virtual events

Virtual booths

Add live chat, video on demand, sharable content and more to replicate that live booth atmosphere.

1:1 inbound meetings

Attendees can easily find sponsors and book virtual meetings with our conferencing feature.

Report on every metric

Booth views, meeting requests, engagement rates - you'll have all the data you need.

More time and ROI for sponsors

"I had already lined up all my meetings before day one, and it's helped me optimize my experience here and make great connections."

Adam Dawkins at Plug and Play Ventures
Adam Dawkins
Venture Capitalist at Plug and Play Ventures

Why organizers love Brella

Great ROI for you and sponsors is only one part of the Brella experience. Give your attendees superior networking, gather usable data and discuss post-event success with our event professionals.

  • Smart Matchmaking

    AI-powered matchmaking

    Forge relevant connections between all your attendees.

    How matchmaking works

  • Data Dashboard

    Make data-driven decisions

    Don't guess in the dark. Understand exactly how your event performed.

    The data you need

  • Customer support team + on-site support

    A dedicated team of pros

    From beginning to end, we’re with you on your event journey.

    How our team guides you

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    Virtual & hybrid event support

    The best and easiest way to take your event online.

    Brella for virtual events

Matchmaking software made for all events.
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