Brella releases new sponsor dashboard

Reetta Heiskanen Communications Director at Brella 7 months ago

Delivering more value to event organizers and their trusted sponsors

At the heart of Brella is understanding what event organizers, attendees and sponsors need in order to get the best possible experience out of events.

We are truly excited to develop our product further and now our new sponsor dashboard is live for our customers.

When organizing events a sponsorship agreement is a promise, and your sponsor expects you to deliver.

"Your sponsors are networking at your event, and now it's easier than ever to help them take it to the next level. For example, you might suggest that their superstar networkers cross-train others on the team. You might also help them strategize how to get more valuable meetings in their next event with you," says Allan Nevala, Product Manager at Brella.

We believe engaging all members of your event and ensuring they meet each other is essential to an unforgettable event experience. As well, your sponsors expect a lot from your event, and it’s important you can provide them with the data and metrics they need.

"Data is power. Now that you can see your sponsor's ROI as a function of networking and meetings, you can go into a conversation more prepared. For example, you can prepare a strategy for how they might take it to the next level with you."

It shows them that you truly care about their success and ensures they feel like a valued partner.

To see a live demo of our sponsor dashboard, contact sales today!

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Brella releases new sponsor dashboard

Our new sponsor dashboard is now live! Check it out in your event manager, or contact sales today to experience a live demo.

Reetta Heiskanen Communications Director at Brella 7 months ago


Preparing for 2019

2019 is here, and it's looking to be great - both for us and the events industry. We're ready to do our part in making 2019 the best year ever!

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