Making the most of Brella before your event

Reetta Heiskanen Communications Director at Brella 2 years ago

You want to give your attendees the best event experience possible. A great experience translates into better returns for everyone involved.

There are many variables to consider before your event: catering, venue, content, sponsors and more. And that’s before you throw technology into the mix.

Will it work? Will your attendees even use it? Will it make things simpler?

We can’t promise to solve all your technology woes. However, what we can promise is a tool that helps your attendees meet the most relevant people. Instead of planning networking activities, use your time for the other event necessities. We have this covered.

Let’s take you through the simple ways to get you and your attendees familiar with Brella.

Next level networking

Networking is a key driver for attendees. 84% of them go to conferences to find new business connections. So how can you help your attendees find the right people?

Pre-engagement is the key.

The average Brella user spends 2.3 hours in Brella before they arrive at your event. As well, 90% of meetings are booked before the event even begins.

Why is this important? Pre-engaging means your attendees have more time.

They connect with the other attendees and your sponsors before they meet them. With their meetings booked, your attendees can plan the rest of their event agenda. They arrive with less stress and more focus on your event.

Not every attendee will use Brella. That’s okay. Not everyone wants to network at every event. But how can you reach those who do?

Communication Tips

The easiest way is to create a section on your event website describing the networking and meeting opportunities in brief.

Let your attendees know what is available and where they can find more information. We are more than happy to send data, quotes and infographics for your use.

If you have a blog, draft up some topics on networking, such as “Value of face-to-face communication at events” or “Importance of 1-to-1 meetings”. Email marketing and social media marketing are also easy and effective ways to spread the word.

Once you have a Brella launch date decided, tell your attendees. This builds interest while letting your attendees know when to start their networking experience.

Emails are also one of the best ways to invite attendees to Brella. Remember to send one when the platform first opens and one closer to the event.


Technology saves you and your attendees time, this we guarantee. There’s less hassle for you and more time for your attendees. What’s not to love?

Making the most out of conferences is not always easy for the attendees. Usually it’s hard to find the most relevant and valuable business connections.

That’s why we built Brella: your event attendees deserve to make the most out of your event and you deserve an easy to use platform to deliver on.

Do you want to use Brella at your next event?

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