Brella @ Insurtech Insights

Insurtech Insights promised amazing networking opportunities for its attendees and needed a software to provide exactly that.

How it all started

Gathering together over 240 keynote speakers and over 1,200 insurtech professionals from all around the world, Insurtech Insights is Europe’s leading insurtech conference. Established by top-tier individuals in insurance and insurtech, their goal is to offer top executives in Europe two days of incredible professional development and networking opportunities. These executives came to London in June 2018 to experience everything Insurtech Insights had to offer.

Networking plays a big role in Insurtech Insight’s two-day conference and is seen as one of the most important drivers to increase the attendee satisfaction. Business is driven by relationships and conferences shouldn’t be only about gaining new knowledge and information.

Insurtech Insights knew they needed a simple yet powerful way to facilitate their networking. To ensure the best and most inspiring networking experience, they partnered up with Brella and all expectations were exceeded.

“Rather than having to look for people at the event, you can prepare in advance and carefully select the people you want to meet with.”

-Nuno Vasconcellos e Sá, CEO, Insurtech Insights


Brella delivered over 1,000 meetings and connected more than 600 people, helping Insurtech Insights stay true to their promise of amazing networking opportunities.

A quick look at the most interesting Brella numbers:

  • Event days: 2
  • Brella meetings: 1177
  • Users on platform: 610

Insurtech Insights were happy with the results and would love to use Brella again in the future. According to Nuno Vasconcellos e Sá, CEO of Insurtech Insights, the value of Brella at their event for them and their attendees was clear.

“Brella improved the networking experience for our delegates, and thus increased the value generated by our conference.”

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