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Engage with your attendees sooner and for longer

Keep your event on your attendees’ minds as they schedule meetings before the event and plan their day. See your users and how engaged they are so you can make agile marketing decisions based on data.

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    Trackable meeting metrics

    Prove the value of networking at your event by tracking meeting requests, booked meetings and more.
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    Accepted meetings

    Know how many meetings your attendees booked and who the top networker was.
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    Attendee interests & intents

    Improve your next event by understanding why your attendees come and what they want to achieve.
Detailed event data on attendee interests and engagement Event data on attendee interests and engagement

Improve your processes. Improve your event.

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    Paint a clearer picture of your attendees

    Combine existing attendee demographics with your matchmaking interest data gathered with Brella.
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    Actionable data

    See how your pre-event marketing efforts are performing and make adjustments to drive more attendees to Brella and your event.
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    Less work, not more

    Easily add event information with our integrations. Any changes update in real-time.

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    Relevant metrics and full event control.
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    Get detailed reports on interests, meetings and more.
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    Easily send announcements to all attendees in Brella.
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    Integrate your schedule to your event website in 5 minutes.

TechCrunch Disrupt thrives on connecting investors and startups together. With Brella, they saved hours of work and booked more meetings than ever.

Measure what matters

Measure pre-engagement for better event engagement

Monitor pre-event engagement

Engaging attendees before your event is vital to high event engagement. See how your attendees use Brella before the event to plan their day and prepare.

Relevant event engagement metrics for your event

Uncover your attendees' goals

Attendees engage more with events that match their interests and fulfill their needs. Learn what your attendees want to give them exactly what they desire.

Event engagement and meetings data

Facilitate more connections

All it takes is one meeting to generate positive returns for attendees and fuel deeper engagement. View how many meetings you facilitated and set your targets for your next event.

Event engagement and meetings data

View attendee activity

When your attendees chat before your event, they're more engaged and ready to get down to business. Establish how active attendees were, and prepare to activate them even more.


Track notification metrics

Schedule event announcements and determine how many attendees have engaged with them. Keep your attendees informed and engaged.


View sponsor performance

Engaging sponsors is key to higher sponsor satisfaction and more ROI. Report on rep performance, inbound meeting requests and more.


High sponsor visibility

Highlight your sponsors directly within the networking list in a non-intrusive way. Gather detailed metrics on views, clicks and more.

More event engagement possibilities

Go online with our virtual event platform, suitable for both virtual and hybrid events.

Brella for virtual events

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    Virtual sponsor booths

    Track traffic and engagement at sponsor booths
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    Interactive event maps

    Showcase vendor booths, meeting areas and more
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    Social feeds

    Generate more buzz around your event
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    Livestream support

    Broadcast your event, live or pre-recorded
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    Speaker bios & content

    Prominent visibility for speakers
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    Live polling

    Engage with attendees easily during sessions


Why organizers love Brella

Tracking event engagement and gathering valuable data is only one part of your event. We'll help you engage with your attendees across their entire event journey.


  • Smart Matchmaking

    AI-powered matchmaking

    Forge relevant connections between all your attendees.

    How matchmaking works

  • Sponsors & Partners

    Incredible sponsor support

    We’ll make sure your sponsors succeed – so you do, too.

    Platform for sponsors

  • Customer Support Team & on-site support

    A dedicated team of pros

    From beginning to end, we’re with you on your event journey.

    How our team guides you

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    Virtual & hybrid event support

    The best and easiest way to take your event online.

    Brella for virtual events

Huge ROI for sponsors and attendees

"Brella turned our participation into $350,000 of ROI via close-in meetings with potential clients and distributors."

Chris Augeri
CEO at Drive Spotter

Matchmaking software made for all events.
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