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"We have been pleased to have Brella in our events all these years and are looking forward to see if the app evolves together with our activities."

Maria Nygård at Upgrade Life Festival

Maria Nygård
Head of Upgraded Life Festival

An event networking professional with a fully operational networking area

Active and professional assistance

It’s important to us that your event goes well. We’re always available if you have any questions, and your attendees will get our full attention as well.

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    Full back-end support

    Know how many meetings your attendees booked and who the top networker was.
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    Live chat

    Attendees can use our live chat on our website or in-app to solve any questions they have.
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    Dedicated Customer Success Manager

    You get a professional consultant to guide you and help with anything you need.
A prepared Brella 1:1 meeting area for your event
From initial setup and onboarding to on-site support, our team is there for you!

Setup as simple as our networking

You’ll get a fully operational platform that you can edit and change how you want. The platform can be online in only 15 minutes.

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    Full platform control

    You have full control of the platform and edits update instantly.
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    Hands on or hands off

    Be as involved with the platform development as you want - 0% or 100%.
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    One-click registration

    No hoops or unnecessary methods - simply send a link to your attendees and they're in.

"Brella improved the networking experience for our delegates, and thus increased the value generated by our conference."

Nuno Vasconcellos e Sá, CEO Insurtech Insights
Nuno Vasconcellos e Sá
CEO at Insurtech Insights

Active support for your virtual and hybrid events

We've helped organizers host incredible & successful virtual & hybrid events since 2016. Our team of event professionals is ready to help you take your event online.

Download our guide to virtual and hybrid events to get started.

Our customer success team at Brella will help make your next event a success!

Support features

Customer Support - kickoff

Mutual success is the best kind

Before your event, we’ll get you acquainted with Brella and gather the vital info we need to create the platform for you. After your event, we’ll discuss the results and next steps.

Customer Support - Pre-engagement

We’re pros at this

Our experience spans many events over a wide variety of industries. We have tried-and-true templates to increase your pre-engagement and get more attendees networking.

A dedicated, proactive networking team

Drop the ball? We’ll pick it up

A successful event thrives on teamwork, and as far as we’re concerned, you’re one of us. We’ll keep you reminded of important deadlines, not ask about them once they pass.

A professional customer success manager for your event

A networking professional at your service

Your attendees are our attendees. No matter your event, you’ll have a dedicated customer success manager who will make networking fun for you and your attendees.

Why organizers love Brella

Your event is our event too. There’s more to success than great networking - but don’t worry, you get much more than that.

  • Data Dashboard

    Make data-driven decisions

    Don't guess in the dark. Understand exactly how your event performed.

    The data you need

  • Sponsors & Partners

    Incredible sponsor support

    We’ll make sure your sponsors succeed – so you do, too.

    Platform for sponsors

  • Smart Matchmaking

    AI-powered matchmaking

    Forge relevant connections between all your attendees.

    How matchmaking works

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    Virtual & hybrid event support

    The best and easiest way to take your event online.

    Brella for virtual events

A positive experience and more event value

"Those who used Brella had a very positive experience and saw value in the tool, which is why we have continuously used it at our Women in Tech Festival."

Xi-Er Dang at Silicon Valley Forum
Xi-Er Dang
Product Marketing Specialist at Silicon Valley Forum

Matchmaking software made for all events.
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