Brella @ Plug and Play

One person, one connection can change everything.



Plug and Play connects the largest corporations to the world’s best startups through industry-focused accelerator programs in Silicon Valley and beyond.

Their goal is to help startups grow and succeed, and they believe that technology has the power to make the world a better place.

To that end, they invest all of their time into entrepreneurs who are making a real impact with their work.

The challenge

Plug and Play places a heavy emphasis on networking at their events. By matching their startups with both investors and corporate partners, they get valuable knowledge and opportunities for:

  • business development
  • strategic investment
  • acquisition

Plug and Play needed a networking solution that would be easy to use for both startups and corporate partners. They also desired a service that would automate and organize the meetings as easily as possible.

Most importantly, they wanted something that they could control themselves with minimal instruction and time investment.

So, in short: an easy-to-use solution that required minimal effort and implementation on their part.

“In 2019 Brella has been in use at a total of 13 Plug and Play events, ranging from Plug and Play Insurtech Selection Day to Plug and Play South Africa, organized in Johannesburg.”

The solution

Plug and Play first used Brella in 2016 and has since generated over 4,000 1-to-1 meetings between startups, investors and their corporate partners around the world.

As well, they’ve gained valuable knowledge on meeting metrics and attendee interests from the event manager, which makes it simple to manage their many global events.

Working together with the Brella team, Plug and Play has helped hundreds of startups find funding and given countless founders the big career launch they sought.

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