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How to build valuable connections at an event with thousands of attendees? InsureTech Connect was ready to tackle the challenge.

How it all started

Insuretech Connect wanted a platform to help a large event feel easily navigable by the audience, plus a platform that lead to not just increased connections but an increase in the right connections. They did not want to leave something as important as making the right connections to chance.

This is where Brella stepped in.

When industry conferences battle for the attendance of high-level professionals, they must be able to demonstrate concrete value. They also know that a premium event experience is the key to have attendees act as advocates for future years.

The solution

InsureTech Connect wanted a simple, easy to use tool to discover relevant professionals and book 1-to-1 meetings with them

.Brella was chosen both for its ease of use and because it allowed professionals to engage with the platform on both desktop and web; it did not require any downloads. While set-up is simple, it also had enough complexity behind it from an admin perspective.

The Brella matchmaking algorithm suggested relevant attendees for professionals to meet based on their needs and offering. This way InsureTech Connect attendees met the most relevant people for their business needs and made the most out of their invested time.

“Being able to connect with relevant people is arguably the single most important reason people attend our shows.”

-Jay Weintraub, Founder of InsureTech Connect


During the two day event held in Las Vegas in October 2016 attendees booked a staggering total of 2,849 hosted 1-to-1 meetings. Approximately 1,200 event guests were invited for networking from which 950 signed up to use the platform.

At the 2017 Insuretech Connect event the numbers doubled. Let’s look closer:

  • Event Length: 2 days
  • Users signed up to Brella: 2,155
  • Booked Meetings: 5,660
  • Av. meetings per user: 2.58

Jay Weintraub, the founder of InsureTech Connect describes that Brella was able to provide a solution that doesn’t let the attendees or event organizers down.

‘’Being able to connect with relevant people is arguably the single most important reason people attend our shows. Attendees are busy, and they can’t afford added complexity or solutions that require them essentially learn a whole new platform. It just needs to work and that is what Brella was able to provide better than any other solution we have used at our events”, Weintraub describes.

According to Matt Brown, Investor at Stripes Group, Brella enabled valuable meetings at the conference.

“Brella made my Insuretech Connect experience really easy and efficient. I was able to book meetings with relevant people and manage my timetable. The matchmaking algorithm really brought up the most valuable connections”, Brown states.

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