Brella @ Informa - Knect 365

Knect365 offers fintech companies and experts quality connections at Finovate events worldwide



Knect365, a division of Informa, hosts Finovate events worldwide, bringing together fintech startups and experts to see cutting-edge fintech in a unique, short-form demo format.

The challenge

To ensure the success of their diverse event portfolio, Knect365 needed a networking solution to help their attendees find the most relevant connections and build long-lasting partnerships.

With such a heavy emphasis on short-form demos, gathering key insights from thought-leaders and providing a showfloor for new startups, ensuring each attendee can meet the right people at the right time serves only to improve their event value.

"Aside from valuable knowledge exchange and demos, networking is core to Finovate’s success."

The solution

After a successful pilot, Knect365 partnered with Brella to bring smart, effective networking to all Finovate, TMRE Connect and Inside ETF events worldwide.

The robust event manager platform enables each organizing team in each region to tweak the interests for their specific event, accomodating local and regional interests.

As well, attendees can easily filter maters based on interests or attendee type (startup or investor), meaning they can find matches with the highest potential in moments - all before the event begins.

Instead of manually matching your startups with investors, use an event matchmaking tool. It can save you time and organize more, higher quality meetings.

Our event matchmaking features