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European Commission brings simple & powerful networking to EU-based startups and global investors



Ideas need a platform to stand on and investors to help them get off the ground. The European Commission gives startups great visibility through their European Investment Project Portal (EIPP), an online matchmaking platform that connects EU-based projects with investors worldwide.

The challenge

Despite their effective online matchmaking platform in EIPP, the EU Commission realized the power of face-to-face connections and saw a need to bring investors and startups together to maximize these connections.

Also their partners, like the European Business Angels Network (EBAN) needed a simple way to meet startups at events like their annual Winter Summit. They needed a simple tool that was easy to understand while showcasing the best startups for each individual investor, based on their needs and interests.

The solution

Brella and the European Commission partnered together for the EBAN Winter Summit 2018 to bring great networking to their startups and investors.

In a setting where finding the right investor can mean business life or death, Brella helped both startups and investors easily filter through attendees to find the best matches for them. Then, using the meeting booking feature, they quickly arranged meetings for the event, sitting down face-to-face for quality discussions.

“Brella allowed the EBAN Winter Summit participants to have an excellent networking and matchmaking experience. Meetings were efficiently arranged, and attendees had a very easy time in establishing their first contacts with peers."

- Filipa Ramalho, DG Economic and Financial Affairs (ECFIN)

After the success of the EBAN Winter Summit, the EU Commission used Brella to power networking at their InvestEU Matchmaking Event 2019. Bringing together exciting EU companies with powerful investors, it helped startups pitch directly to investors who were most interested in their ideas.

And it was a clear success - 83% of users joined before the event began, taking the time to create a detailed profile and sort through their matches to find the absolute best partners.

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