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Intelligent matchmaking

Your attendees come to your event to find valuable business connections. You can make that job simple.

When your attendees join Brella, they create their profile using interests tailored to your event. Then, they get a list of the best matches based on their choices.

You get full control over these interests, and you can view valuable data on the most popular ones post-event. You’ll know how to grow your event and which direction to take.

Easy meeting booking

It’s not enough to have a list of people you should meet – you need a way to meet them personally.

Your attendees can do just that with only a few clicks. They send a meeting suggestion at a free time, and once it’s accepted, your attendees get their meeting details and can chat before the event begins.

You’ll take them beyond a mere foot in the door to a direct, face-to-face meeting with a valuable connection.

Chat concierge

When a meeting is accepted, our chat opens so your attendees can discuss.

Then, Brellabot will inform your attendees of their meeting time and place, as well as giving additional information and keeping them updated on any changes.

The chat is also open after the event ends, so your attendees can still talk and connect in their own time.

Powerful event agenda

Our new schedule allows you the freedom to create as complex an agenda as you need.

You can add speaker bios, add content tags and mark the location so your attendees know exactly what is happening, where and when.

Your attendees can also filter by content tags and location to ensure they find the exact sessions they want. They’ll have the most relevant event info in one easy to find location.

Personal schedule for attendees

The best events offer many choices, but how will your attendees find – and remember – the best opportunities for them?

In addition to keeping track of their meetings, your attendees can create their own event schedule by choosing relevant content and sessions.

This lets them create their preferred ratio of networking to content and help personalize the experience.

Create one schedule. Use it everywhere.

Efficiency is vital for event management. Doing the same job twice is a great way to lose time.

With our new widget, your full schedule in Brella can be added anywhere, from an app to your event website.

Setup is simple, and in 2 minutes your beautiful event schedule is displayed in a responsive, readable format, complete with content descriptions and filtering.

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Powerful event management

Networking is only half the battle. The other half is managing your event effectively and gathering the data you need to improve your next one.

Our event manager is the answer. Read more about it, or contact sales to experience a demo.

Give your attendees the networking tools they deserve. Give you and your team the event management tools you need.

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