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How it works*

*Simplified example for an event where everybody can meet anybody
Interests & intents-1

Interests & intents


Attendees fill in their details. Brella suggest matchmaking categories based on your event type


Find relevant matches

Find relevant matches with AI


The AI matchmaking algorithm determines the top matches based hundreds of data points
No-fuss meeting booking

No-fuss meeting booking


Once a suitable match is found, attendees can suggest a meeting at a mutually convenient time

It's the simplest way to connect your attendees.

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Facilitate the meeting types that fit your events

Brella's event matchmaking platform can be customised to facilitate the meetings that are at the core of your event

One-to-One Meetings

Intimate and focused sessions, ideal for personal discussions or in-depth business negotiations.

Sponsor Meetings

Give sponsors the meetings they want. Drive traffic to the sponsor booths. 

Custom meetings

No events are the same. Create custom meetings setup that serves your needs.


One-to-Many Meetings

Meetings typically led by a single individual addressing a larger group. Coming soon.

Job Searching

Connecting job seekers with potential employers, sharing resumes, and discussing qualifications and job opportunities

Networking & matchmaking

Theme based networking that can be anything from casual strictly business.

Investor Meetings

Facilitate investor-startup meetings based on investment criteria, industry, company size etc.

Business Speed-dating

A fast-paced networking event where individuals have brief meetings with several potential business partners or clients.

Mentor-Mentee Meetings

Sessions are designed for guidance, knowledge sharing, and professional development.

Over 3M Meetings Facilitated*

*Matchmaking & networking at events since 2016
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Better reccommendations

Matchmaking algorithm is constantly learning from the past actions of the attendees. As more people join the event, the better matchmaking is available.
If you choose a cointainer solution, event data gets richer event by event - your attendees can be sure to get the best meetings by coming to your next events. 

Smart filtering and search

Attending business events is not like dating - people don't want to swipe left through hundreds of faces when looking for business connections.
With Brella's smart filtering and search options, you can filter out the most important people for your business network

Automate meeting scheduling with AI


Enhance your B2B events with intelligent matchmaking using our app, powered by Brella's AI. 
The AI facilitates tailored connections among attendees by meticulously analyzing their unique profiles and interests. 
During the onboarding process, participants can specify their exact objectives for attending, allowing for more precise matchmaking.
The app offers an array of recommendations, including relevant sessions, individual profiles, companies, and various products or services. Additionally, you have the option to customize the event setup, controlling the specific recommendations made for each attendee.
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Why choose Brella matchmaking and networking?


While most event management platforms dare to call an open chat matchmaking, we've taken a different approach.  We've spent the last ten years to hone our matchmaking capabilities to the max. 
Our award winning matchmaking technology is based on:
check-mark Analysing intent, interests and behaviour of the attendees
check-mark Artificial intelligence to recommend meetings 
check-mark Finding mutual availability

We guarantee the highest meeting acceptance rate out of any apps available



Loved by organizers & attendees alike 

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Put meaningful connections at the heart of your event

Brella was built to foster long-lasting and easy connections for your attendees and sponsors at any event - be it in-person, virtual, or hybrid.

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