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Looking for Hopin alternatives?

Brella & Hopin have similar features, but Brella is a better choice for events where engagement and networking are critical. Here's an overview of what Brella does best...


AI-powered matchmaking & networking

Hopin's networking offers a roulette-type experience, where attendees are randomly matched for meetings — a good approach for meeting completely new people.

Brella's award-winning AI matchmaking is a great alternative to Hopin that offers tailored matches connecting likeminded attendees based on their interests and intents.

  • Event organizers can fully customize the selectable interests to match their event's topic, ensuring that attendees can match with and have relevant discussions related to their goals for the event.
  • Attendees can browse through the matches and select the most interesting prospects themselves — the AI is simply there to assist in the selection process, not control it.

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Long-term Hopin customers also prefer Brella's networking

Wolves Summit uses both Hopin and Brella...

They hosted their event on Hopin, but wanted to try out Brella for networking — and the results were out of this world! Compared to their previous events with only Hopin, their latest event using Brella's networking resulted in ...

  • A 10.2% higher meeting acceptance (33.2%)
  • Almost 2200 meetings between attendees
  • 12,000+ chat messages exchanged

Want to learn more?

Wolves Summit increased their networking success by using Brella alongside Hopin, with attendees scheduling 2,200+ meetings and sending a whopping 12,000+ chat messages. 

An end-to-end event experience that puts attendees first

Brella delivers a complete event experience that delights attendees, impresses sponsors and handles the heavy lifting for your team.

  • Brella offers a built-in ticketing & registration solution complete with Stripe for payments, or the option to integrate your favorite event platform, such as Eventbrite for ticketing.

    *Ticketing & integrations are currently in beta. Ask your Brella contact to join the pilot program.

  • Brella integrates with most major video streaming services, including Youtube and Vimeo — this offers an unbeatable level of flexibility. Simply hook up your favorite streaming studio to one of these platforms and add the link to Brella!

    Need a professional streaming set-up (lights, cameras, studio-grade audio) that will dazzle your audience? Ask us about signing-up for an exclusive package deal that includes the services of one of the world's finest AV companies:

  • Brella's powerful access control features make it a snap to deliver different content tracks and networking options to attendees and sponsors, based on ticket-type or sponsorship package.

    Simply segment users into custom groups and add unique content & networking access rules — it's just that simple.

  • Sponsors love Brella because of the native advertising opportunities that seamlessly blend in with the event, virtual sponsorship booths that deliver prospects right to their doorstep, AI-powered matchmaking that pre-screens prospective leads and the detailed analytics that tie it all together as provable ROI.

    Want to give your sponsors true autonomy? Offer them controlled access to customize their own booths and view relevant engagement data!

  • Brella offers a king's ransom in data & analytics.

    Organizers can easily track everything from stream analytics and audience demographic data, to meeting requests, audience interactions or even sponsor booth engagement — and it's all beautifully visualized in intuitive charts & graphs. 

    This data can be used to work some real magic, including providing sponsors with lead-targeting superpowers, optimizing sessions to for consistent engagement and identifying emerging hot topics & trends for marketing purposes!

ticketing & registration
Streaming & content delivery
Personalised attendee experience

"As we started using Brella at more and more events, we've really seen much deeper connections between our attendees and sponsors. It really sets us apart from our competition, so it is the app of choice for us now."

Anastasia Ioannou

General Manager, Insights, Marketing & Innovation Division at Informa

A partnership that unlocks untapped potential

Unlike other event platforms which are simply tools in your workflow, Brella is committed helping your team explore brand new opportunities to maximize your engagement and revenue from your event portfolio.

  • Our celebrated Customer Success team is full of event industry veterans. We have helped thousands of organizers deliver some of the best results they have seen from their events. From setting up the Brella platform, to optimizing event communications to structuring sponsorship packages — our Customer Success Managers are here to help.

  • Our dedicated Customer Support team can be reached during European and American business hours. All support personnel have direct access to our developers, ensuring that any technical hiccups get resolved in record-time.

  • Our responsive product team offers ample opportunities for customers to provide feedback and shape our upcoming features, including a customer advisory board, results calls with our Customer Success Managers and a wide variety of pilot programs for our cutting-edge features!

“Our [Customer Success Manager] helped us uncover a net opportunity to create additional value for sponsors, to be implemented next week!”


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Brella vs. Hopin — which is best for your event?

How Brella's pricing compares to Hopin

Hopin's lowest plans make it an affordable alternative for smaller (and simpler) events, but sacrifice key features and access to comprehensive service and support offerings — there are also limits on the event duration and attendee numbers.

Brella's starting price is a bit higher, but it turns into a very economical option for larger events with complex needs. We only offer a single plan with a user-based pricing model that provides unrestricted access to all features, apps (web, iOS & Android), support and service offerings — plus, multi-event portfolios get discounts.

See what you get


Brella is the tool for engagement-first events

Brella is the platform of choice for professional event organizers  and companies that host conferences and events where provable ROI and industry-leading engagement rates are critical.

An affordable pricing model, all the support and guidance needed to make the most challenging events successful, and features that meet the highest quality standards make Brella a surefire option to keep attendees (and sponsors) coming back for more. 

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Which tool is best for in-person, virtual and hybrid events?

Both Brella and Hopin offer features that make them well-suited for all 3 event types.

However, Brella is the gold-standard for events that require strong networking and engagement features — whether they are in-person, virtual or hybrid.

Brella can serve a matchmaking & networking tool at in-person events, a complete online event platform for a virtual event, or a matchmaking, engagement & content delivery platform that connects in-person and virtual attendees at a hybrid event.


Go beyond events, build communities

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