Sit back and relax for a moment. Imagine your event 5 years from now. What does it look like? How has it grown? Take your time and let yourself dream big. Now come back to reality. How is your event now? How far away is it from your dream event? What is the gap between […]

As event technology improves and becomes more accessible, more attendees will become used to it. But does this mean every event needs event technology? There are many factors to consider when implementing event technology, and many questions to answer. Does it fit your theme? What about your budget? How difficult is it to implement? How […]

Sales 101: People don’t buy shovels, they buy holes. They don’t buy tools, they buy what the tool does for them. But what about events? You can’t hold an event in your hand and use it to build or fix something. What are people ‘buying’ from your event? What do people want, and what does it […]

Not all of your attendees pay their own way to your event. For business events especially, the company sends employees to events on their dime. However, this generosity comes with expectations. Not all businesses jump at the chance to send employees away either. For example, 30% of Millennials attending events need permission from someone higher up the […]

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