Not all of your attendees pay their own way to your event. For business events especially, the company sends employees to events on their dime. However, this generosity comes with expectations. Not all businesses jump at the chance to send employees away either. For example, 30% of Millennials attending events need permission from someone higher up the […]

You want to give your attendees the best event experience possible. A great experience translates into better returns for everyone involved. There are many variables to consider before your event: catering, venue, content, sponsors and more. And that’s before you throw technology into the mix. Will it work? Will your attendees even use it? Will […]

The Great Recession is over, but not everyone is booming. Even in this relatively stable economy, it can be tough for fresh graduates and 20-somethings to nail their first job. They see that entry level job requiring four years experience, and they throw up their arms in anger. “How can I have job experience when […]

If you’re wondering what an elevator speech is, it’s a short yet powerful speech about yourself or your business. Despite the name, it can be used in any situation where there’s a limited amount of time to make the largest impression possible on a potential investor or client. But how can you ensure you’re saying […]

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