6 easy tips for better event announcements

Push notifications are essential for keeping attendees in the loop. We've gathered 6 best practices to improve your event announcements!

Mikko Matikka Product & Design Lead at Brella 2 months ago

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3 tips to increase social interactions at your event

Facilitating social interactions can improve attendee satisfaction and give you great insights for future events. Read 3 simple tips on the Brella blog!

Jonathan Strutt Content Specialist at Brella 2 months ago


Events and the power of emotional engagement

Sales 101: People don’t buy shovels, they buy holes. They don’t buy tools, they buy what the tool does for them. But what about events?

Jonathan Strutt Content Specialist at Brella 1 year ago


Making the most of Brella before your event

You've planned a great event and you want your attendees to network. But what's the best way? And is networking even necessary? Read more to learn how and why!

Reetta Heiskanen Communications Director at Brella 1 year ago


How to make a great elevator speech?

Don't know what to say at event networking sessions? Ask yourself these 4 questions to create and improve your elevator speech. Networking doesn't have to be work!

Jonathan Strutt Content Specialist at Brella 1 year ago

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