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Events and the Power of Emotional Engagement

Sales 101: People don’t buy shovels, they buy holes. They don’t buy tools, they buy what the tool does for them. But what about events?

11 months ago


How Can You Improve Event Attendance?

It's a fact that when first-time attendees have a high chance of becoming repeat attendees. But how can you help them take that first step? We've listed a few tips to help you.

1 year ago


Making the Most of Brella Before Your Event

You've planned a great event and you want your attendees to network. But what's the best way? And is networking even necessary? Read more to learn how and why!

1 year ago


Enable Millenials at Your Event

Millennials are the future of business. They now make up the largest part of the US labor force. But what does that have to do with your event? Their biggest drive is networking, so let them network!

1 year ago


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