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Introducing Our New Schedule: Keep All Your Event Info in One Place

The Brella team is pleased to announce our new schedule is here! Now you can create a perfect event agenda that's easy to follow. Read on to learn more!

7 months ago


5 Ways Business Matchmaking Software Simplifies Your B2B Event

Hosting a B2B event and stressing about effective networking? Then business matchmaking software is right for you! Learn more about the 5 ways business matchmaking software will simplify your event.

9 months ago


Close the Gap to Your Dream Event

Imagine your event 5 years from now. What does it look like? How has it grown? Take your time and let yourself dream big. Read how to close the gap to your dream event from our blog!

9 months ago


Event Technology - Essential for Event Organizers

Event technology is slowly becoming a vital part of events. But what should you start out on? Should you try them all at once, or one at a time? We'll give you the tips you need.

10 months ago


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