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Choose the right conference networking method (+ free scorecard)

Struggling with organizing effective and fascinating conferences? Are your attendees frustrated with their meetings - or the lack of them?

If so, this handbook is for you! In it, you'll learn:

  • The 6 most effective conference networking methods
  • Detailed pros and cons of each
  • Recommended setting for each networking method

Plus - there's a FREE scorecard included to help you determine the optimal networking method for your event.

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NBF booked 4x more meetings with Brella

"New connections are one of the most important things that people look for in business seminars. Brella revolutionizes our ability to serve people in that respect."

hans-peter siefen
Hans-Peter Siefen
Founder at Nordic Business Forum

Networking is a multi-generational desire

Attendees of all generations want better networking experiences at conferences. The question is - is your conference providing the networking experience attendees expect?

Find new opportunities

Along with the current knowledge, your attendees can get ahead in their careers by finding the right person

Build a community feeling

The best communities foster discussion between their members in the simplest way possible



Conference goers want to talk

Social interactions and discussions are some of the most powerful ways to learn. As well, attendees want to share their newfound knowledge with others and learn outside the sessions.

Increase engagement

Networking meetings help attendees engage with others and encourages participation

Create lasting connections

Long after the conference, your attendees will still remember the incredible people they met

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Improve your conference through networking

Giving your attendees an incredible experience pays off in the future. They're more likely to recommend your conference if they have a good time, and that starts with helping them achieve their goals.

Make your conference #1

The best conferences have something for everyone - add quality networking to your long list

Spread the word

Your attendees are the most powerful marketers you have, so give them something worth talking about