Take your event digital

How to succeed in your shift to virtual events 🖥️

Instead of cancelling or postponing your event, it's possible to host it 100% online with no hiccups.

Download our guide to learn how, plus the best tools & resources you need to make your new virtual event a success!




Keep your event alive and inspiring

“We believe that inspiring and equipping business leaders who want to make the world a better place is the single most effective way in which we can make an effect on the whole society at large.”

hans-peter siefen
Hans-Peter Siefen
Co-founder at Nordic Business Forum

Make your shift to virtual simple

Embracing tech and turning your event virtual doesn’t require you to start from zero.

It simply requires a different way of thinking and virtual answers to the main questions you ask for your events.


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    What type of content will you have?

    Whether it's from speakers or in presentations, all your content can be presented online

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    Who will host your event & event sessions?

    Your host can be at your event - or host from a different location
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    How will you engage your attendees?

    Use live interaction tools, AI-powered matchmaking tools and more
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Provide all your quality content directly in the platform

Your attendees won't lose track of your content when you use a virtual event platform. It's a hub for your event, from your schedule to individual streams.

While they watch your stream, they can chat with other attendees and share their experiences on social media, generating more buzz around your event.


Host your virtual event on a solid platform

Keep your attendees engaged, host your schedule & sessions, and let your attendees network with each other - all in one online platform.

It's like your new event venue, only this time, the Wi-Fi actually works.

Multiple livestreams

Host multiple livestreams for all your sessions

AI-powered matchmaking

When attendees can't meet face-to-face, add a powerful matchmaker to help them connect