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It's clear that virtual and hybrid events are the best alternative to postponement or cancellation.

But what isn't clear is how to host one. What are the steps? What do they look like? How can you measure success?

If you find virtual & hybrid events a challenge, this guide for you. In it, you'll learn…

  • Clear definitions of virtual and hybrid events
  • How to get sponsors on board
  • The 3 best ways to present your content virtually
  • How other organizers marketed their virtual events
  • The tools (and mindset) you need to succeed

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What are virtual and hybrid events?

Virtual and hybrid refer to how your audience engages with your event.

Virtual events

Your audience interacts in a fully virtual environment, either through a video conferencing tool, a live stream, a virtual event platform, or another method.

Hybrid events

There is a mix of audience participation - but a significant percentage of your audience participates virtually. This could be a live session streamed to a broader audience, or an exhibition where suppliers have a presence both online and offline.

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What tools do I need?

Depending on your event, you may be familiar with these tools. However, each one covers an essential piece of your event, and will make your virtual event a success.

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    Virtual event platform

    Your new virtual venue - where attendees will engage with your content, your sponsors, and each other.
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    Networking & matchmaking tool

    Create virtual serendipity and ensure valuable 1:1 connections.
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    Live stream tools

    Your content (and how you present it) is your event - make sure you understand which tool is best.
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    Participant engagement tools

    Add the element of fun and activity to keep attendees interested and engaged.

How can I create engaging virtual content?

Keeping the attention of your attendees is vital for a successful virtual or hybrid event, and shouldn’t be an afterthought. Great engagement can be woven into your entire event to keep your attendees glued to their screen, wherever it may be.

Keep a laser focus, a specific topic, and a tight script

Many attendees are used to professional videos that keep moving. A tight script will help prevent any ad-lib that could derail the whole presentation.

Consider pre-recorded video

A common tactic is to live stream the main sessions, and use pre-recorded content for the rest. This has the added benefit of saving you a lot of stress the day of the event!

You've only scratched the surface of virtual & hybrid events.
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