Please read thoughtfully these Terms of Use (“Terms”) before creating a profile or using Brella.


These terms are in comply with our privacy policy.


  1. About Brella
  2. Modifications and revisions to the Terms of Use
  3. Intellectual property
  4. Updates and upgrades
  5. Registration and violations
  6. Right to use
  7. Account
  8. Content and event information in the Service
  9. Internet connection and location services
  10. Data protection
  11. Usage in a vehicle
  12. Termination
  13. Third party links and property
  14. Downloading Brella via AppStore
  15. Limitation of liabilty
  16. Exclusion of warranties
  17. Contacts


About Brella and the Terms of Use


Brella (later referred as “application” or “service”) is a networking application provided by Brella Ltd.


This is a legal agreement between You and Brella Ltd. Please read these Terms of Use before downloading, using or creating a profile in Brella. By using the application or service, you the “User” or “Organizer” indicate that you have read, understood and agreed to be bound by these Terms of Use.


In case you do not agree with these Terms of Use or any part of it, please refrain from using the application or service.

Modifications and revisions to the Terms of Use


Brella reserves the right to change and/or modify these Terms of Use without further notice. The newest version is always available in our website. A date of the latest update of the Terms of Use can be found attached to the document. We recommend you to visit this page regularly to stay up to date on the Terms of Use. By continuing to use Brella after these conditions have been changed, you accept them as they are in their current form. If you disagree with the updated Terms of Use, please discontinue to use our service immediately.


This contract is governed by the Finnish law, exluding its choice of law provisions. All disputes will be settled in the District Court of Helsinki.


Intellectual property


The service and its original content, features, functionality and look and feel are owned by Brella Oy and are protected by international copyright, trademark, patent, trade secret and other intellectual property or proprietary rights laws.


Users and Organizers have no rights to use any of Brella’s original content, features, logos, domain names, trade marks or any other Brella’s brand traits without written permission from Brella.


Updates and upgrades

When needed, we may update or upgrade the service without separate notice to our users. Updating the application to the latest version in their respective devices is in user’s own responsibility. Terms of Use always applies to all of the versions in use.


Registration and violations


1.1 To access the application user will have to create a Brella account. During registration you will be asked to choose password. In some events organizer has created an account for user beforehand and is obliged to inform user about this.


1.2 The user is responsible of keeping the password safe. Password cannot be sold or transferred or disclosed to any third party.


1.3 If there is any reason for us to assume that unauthorized third parties are using the application or User informs us from such a use, the account is immediately suspended. User can have a new password by emailing us at


Right to use


Brella hereby grants the User non-exclusive, non-transferable right and the User hereby accepts this right to use Brella via website or mobile application.


The User is entitled to use online content provided by Brella and other users for the event that user has registered. The User must not, and must not grant any third party to copy, reverse engineer, modify, create a derivative work(s), decompile or any other way attempt to obtain any part of the source code of the service or application, unless it is precisely demanded and allowed by the law, or unless the User or Organizer has been clearly granted such actions with a written permission from Brella.




To use Brella, you must create an account for yourself. You can use desktop or mobile device to register to the app.


The information you share can be used in the event(s) you are attending.


Note that it is completely up to you how much and which information you share in Brella. The amount of shared information and it’s accuracy affects your chances of getting the most out of our service.


All the information, except personal messages can be made available for all the other users.


All of the information you share on your account must be accurate and up to date. If there is any changes on your personal information, it is your to responsibility to update it. If your personal contact information is not up to date, it is possible that you miss out on certain important notices.


If you suspect misdemeanor regarding your account or personal information, please contact us immediately. If we have any reason to believe that any information provided on your account is not accurate, true, or owned/created by the user him/herself, we are eligible to delete or block your account for a limited time or entirely.


When creating an account, you agree that you will only use your full, real name. You can create account only for yourself, and using Brella on another person’s behalf is strictly prohibited. Since Brella is intended for professional uses only, remember to act professionally when using it, and only use it for professional purposes. Users are not allowed to distribute material that relates to drugs, pornography, weaponry, terrorism, or any illegal matters via Brella. You agree to only share information and content that is true, accurate and your own production.


Event information and content in the service

Users and Organizers are responsible for his or her own account. Brella reserves the rights to remove and permanently delete “User Content” and “Event Information” created by User or Organizer without notice. Any information submitted by the User is in its own risk of loss. User is committed to use the application professionally and is not allowed to engage in unprofessional behavior by posting inappropriate, inaccurate or objectionable content to application. Brella is not responsible of any misuse of the content or information submitted by the User or Organizer. Users and Organizers recognize that they are single-handedly responsible for any piece of content that they build, create, post or exhibit using the service. Be advised that the User or Organizer will be held responsible for any consequences or issues of one’s content or actions, including any harm, loss or damage done to Brella.


The data submitted by the User is stored by Brella and can be used by Brella anonymously in any way known or future discovered.


Copying or posting of material or parts there of contained on or application contained in any written or electrical form is permitted only with a written permission from Brella.


Trademarks, databases, logos and copyrights are property of their respective owners.


Internet connection and location services


Please note that the usage of Brella might require data connection on your device. When using the service, you agree to take this in notice and agree that any costs of using an internet connection are to be paid by the user.


Brella uses its user’s location information. To fully utilize Brella’s functionalities you agree to provide your location data to us. Not making your location data accessible might cause some of the features of the service to be unavailable.


Data protection


We only ask your personal information if we truly need it. Our register is kept in a protected area behind firewall and password.


When creating an account, choose your password carefully. It is your responsibility to make sure that your password is strong and safe. Password should not be connected to User, or easily concluded by outsiders. Do not write your password down or share it with anyone. Brella will never request its users to reveal their passwords. In case you forget your password, you can request a new one at


Usage in vehicle


If you use our service in a vehicle, you must make sure that you take all the applicable traffic laws into account. Do not use Brella while operating a motorized vehicle.




You have a right to end your usage of Brella any time. You do this by removing your account from the Service and we do not require a separate notification if you decide to do so. When you remove your account, you no longer have a right to use Brella or any of the Services involved.


If we notice a violation of Brella’s terms and conditions on User’s behalf, we have a full right to end your usage immediately without further notice. When you deactivate your account or it is deleted, your information will disappear from our system. However, the information you have already shared will remain with us and we have a right to make use of it anonymously.


Third party links and property


When the User or Organizer is provided with external links or third party material from the service, the resources provided by third party are not monitored or managed by Brella. Because of the nature of the service, Users must acknowledge that they use the service at their own risk and understand that they may be exposed to content or material one can find offensive and unwelcome.


Downloading Brella via App Store


The Terms of Use and these conditions mentioned are binding only for Brella and the Users and Organizers, not with Apple. All parties agree that Brella is single-handedly responsible for the Service and the Application and the content of these two, not Apple.

By downloading the application from App store, the user must comply with the end user agreement provided by Apple.

Brella hereby grants the User non-exclusive, non-transferable right and the User hereby accepts this right to use Brella via any iPhone, iPad or iPod touch that the User has access and controls. User also needs to follow the Usage Rules set forth in the App Store Terms of Uses.


Brella is single-handedly responsible for maintenance and support regarding Service and Application. Apple has no liability nor responsibility concerning maintenance and support, and both Brella and User have understood and agreed this.


Brella is single-handedly responsible for all product warranties in such manner that it is not forcefully disclaimed by the law. The User may inform Apple in case Brella fails to comply applicable warranty concerning the Service or Application, and Apple will refund the price of investment of Brella for the User. Outside the maximum extent approved by applicable law, Apple has no other obligations concerning warranty in terms of Brella, who takes sole responsibility for all other losses, liabilities, expenses or allegations concerning any misstep to any warranty.


Apple has no liability concerning any allegations of the end-user or any third party linking to Brella or end-user’s ownership and/or use of that Licensed Application, hence both Brella and the User recognize that Brella takes single-handedly all responsibility relating to product claims. All allegations concerning product liability claims, claims originating from consumer protection or resembling legislation, or all allegations regarding Brella’s failure to conform or reconcile any applicable legal or regulatory requirement. This agreement does not limit Brella’s liability to the end-user further than applicable law allows.


If any third party happens to insist that Brella or the end-user’s ownership and use of that Licensed Application violates intellectual property rights of third party at issue, Brella, not Apple, takes full responsibility for the investigation, defence, compensation and unwinding of any intellectual property violation allegation.


User ensures that he or she does not use Brella or is not located in any country that is not under embargo of U.S. Government or in a country that has been entitled as “terrorist supporting” by the U.S. Government. User must not be part of any parties, that have been listed as prohibited or restricted parties by the U.S. Government.


Apple and its subsidiaries have their advantages of these terms and conditions and they are held as third party beneficiaries. Brella and end-user recognize and agree that Apple will have the right to apply these terms and conditions against end-user as a third party beneficiary thereof.


Limitation of liability


Any liability of Brella for any form or loss is excluded including (but not limited to) any form of indirect loss such as punitive damages, loss or damage to data, loss of business reputation or goodwill and loss due to lost sales or profits. This includes all possible damage originating from our negligence or any other form of liability that cannot be excluded or limited by Finnish law.


Brella is not liable for losses as a result of inaccessibility, incompleteness, inaccurate content nor content created by third parties, nor any loss or damage caused by viruses, malware or any other malicious software or technology that may have an effect on your use of the Service or damage your PC, laptop, mobile device or any other type of equipment used to access and use Brella.


Any liability of losses will be limited to the maximum of the invoice recently paid by the Organizer/User. Brella is constantly developing the service and it reserves the right to change, remove, or suspend the service or any parts of it. User has a right to end this agreement by removing his account from the service.


Exclusion of warranties


By using our Service and/or Application, User understands and agrees that the use of Brella is at his or her very own risk. Both, the Service and the Application are presented “as is” and “as available.” Brella disclaims all warranties concerning the Service, Application and their features and performance, whether express, implied or statutory.


Even though Brella has been built using best available knowledge and resources, it can not be warrant that Brella meets Users requirements or expectations, or that the use of our Service or Application is disruption-free and secure. All information User may gather from using Brella may not be accurate or reliable.


For time to time Brella has the option to remove the Service for undefined periods of time or cancel the Service or Application at any time without any notice.




The revised terms and contact information is always available in

Version 10-04-2017