Free excel template

Free ROI calculator for event sponsors🤝

Sponsors come for one reason: your attendees.

And they'll stay or leave based on the connections they make.

So help your sponsors calculate how many meetings they need at your event to prove 💰💰

Use this free calculator to...

  • Calculate how many meetings your sponsors need for a positive return on investment
  • Give your sponsors more qualified meetings
  • Improve the value of your conference sponsorship packages

Use this template to encourage your sponsors to organize more meetings at your event!

Help your sponsors prove results

"Our company has invested a lot of money so that I can come here, so I need to be able to show my director who I met. Because of Brella, I can go back and show a list of people I met and who I had a good 15 minute conversation with."

dave hazan
Dave Hazan

More meetings = more deals

Your event has incredible potential for sponsors.  Instead of relying on email blasts or phone calls, they can meet potential customers face-to-face.

And a request or proposal made face-to-face is more effective than an email - 34x more effective, in fact.

More efficent sales process for sponsors

Attendees at events are qualified and interested, making it more effective to meet with them.

Simple to calculate

With historical data, it's easy to calculate how many meetings sponsors need.


Great upsell opportunity

It's not just new clients that benefit from meeting in person. It's far more economical to keep a customer than find new ones.

Sponsors can nurture relationships with their clients at your event, also improving their ROI.

Expand within accounts

Sponsors can meet new people from companies they work with to find new business opportunities.

Improve client relationships

A great meeting at a stellar environment like your event is the perfect recipe for a great relationship.