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Detailed interests and valuable data

Each attendee has different skills and goals, so it’s vital to offer the correct selections. We make that easy.

Customize the interests to your satisfaction, then learn what your attendees actually want after the event.


A no-nonsense schedule to keep things clean and organized

Your attendees need to know when the best times to network are.

Luckily, you can add your agenda to Brella and select networking times.

This lets you keep all the relevant event info in one place.

Chat Concierge

Intelligent meeting manager

Our matchmaking platform is home to Brellabot, your event chat concierge.

Brellabot gives each attendee their important meeting details, like the time, location and an event map, as well as informing them of changes to their meeting statuses.

Your attendees only need to suggest a meeting time with a match, and Brellabot handles the rest.

Partners and Sponsors

Give your sponsors and partners great ROI

Event sponsorship is rising, but so is the scrutiny on their return.

With our Partners feature, you’ll be able to give your sponsors the visibility they demand while offering them an incredible networking experience.

They’ll find and meet high-quality leads, greatly improving their return and ensuring their continued partnership.

Brella Widget & API

Embed your schedule in your event website

Instead of creating multiple schedules, our widget gives you a clean schedule to embed on your website.

Make changes to your schedule in Brella and they’ll update on your website.

Adding the code is no problem, and we’ll walk you through the process.

Manage everything in one place

Real time analytics, customizable matchmaking, multitrack schedule and more

You need one place to manage key event factors during your event planning.

Our event manager makes it simple to view key metrics at a glance, plan your event schedule, implement your event matchmaking and more.

After the event, you’ll have valuable data to improve your event and show return to your sponsors.

Check out our other features and updates

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Your event is different.

The best events focus on collaboration, and we stay true to that at Brella.

We work together with you to tailor our networking app to fit your event, from the landing page down to the interests your attendees can search for.

You have too many worries to count, so we’re here to listen and help you fix your event networking.

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Do I need any technical skills to setup Brella?

No you don’t! Setting up Brella is super easy. You will have a dedicated customer success manager who will build the platform for you. We only need some general information regarding your event to begin the process.

Do you offer technical support for our attendees?

Yes. Your attendees can contact us by emailing or by sending us a message through our website.

You can also buy on-site technical support & customer service, which helps attendees with all problems at the event.

I don’t have a huge event, but I really want to focus on networking. Is Brella for me?

We invite you to contact our sales team here to see if Brella is the solution for you. We tailor it to suit your needs, no matter how big or small your event is. The smallest events we’ve served are around 50 attendees.

As an event organizer, am I able to facilitate meetings between my sponsors and attendees?

Yes. You can to show your sponsors and their representatives on the ‘Sponsors’ page which makes it simple for your attendees to suggest meetings with just one click. You’ll learn more in your onboarding call, so contact sales here to get started.

Do I get charged per user/if users don’t register to the app?

We do not charge on a per user basis. The number of registered attendees plays a factor in the price, but there are no penalties if less or more attendees registered than originally agreed upon. Not every attendee will want to network, and that’s okay.

I still have questions.

That’s ok! Check our FAQ page or contact

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