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Networking without Brella is a waste of time.
Ville HulkkoValossa, Video Artificial Intelligence
Brella is the most user-friendly conference networking tool I have ever used.
Martha NotarasXL Innovate (VC), Partner
Brella turned our participation into $350,000 of ROI via close-in meetings with potential clients and distributors.
Chris AugeriDrive Spotter, CEO
I was able to overcome the fear of “who makes the first step to approach the other”.
Chrysoula StratoudakisALE SI, Analyst

How does the attendee matchmaking work?

Attendees receive your invitation
to join Brella

Attendees write a pitch about themselves for other attendees

Attendees browse through the app and choose who to meet

Attendees schedule meetings
with suitable people

Attendees decide on the time and place by themselves. That’s it!

Your attendees want to meet each other.

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Why use Brella?

Facilitate 1-1 meetings easily

The easiest way to organize networking at business events and conferences

Start the conversation early

Build a buzz by connecting attendees weeks before your event begins

Works on every device

Desktop web-app, mobile web-app, iOS and Android apps

Measure event success
Enterprise only

Calculate event ROI and increase revenue from sponsors

Enterprise only

Increase familiarity by customizing the app to match your brand

Customer success person
Enterprise only

Dedicated customer success manager to make your event a success