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event networking with Brella

We are trusted by hundreds of companies organizing events

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Our solutions

Meeting people with Brella

Brella Lite

For recruitment events, company events and online conferences with up to 300 users

The easiest way to facilitate networking at business event and online conference networking. Setup takes less than 2 minutes.

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Making connections in event with Brella

Brella Enterprise

For larger business events, conferences and sponsored events with up to 10,000 users

Our intuitive event networking platform ensures your attendees and sponsors build the most meaningful connections at your event.

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A true event networking platform

Regular event apps offer little to nothing when it comes to networking capabilities. Our event networking app helps your attendees get the best possible connections from events.

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Attendees go to events to network

Their key driver to participate is networking and finding the most meaningful connections. Our networking software makes that easy.


Attendees would recommend Brella

We wanted to create a networking app that people want to use again.


More meetings with Brella

Brella turns networking haters to networking lovers. You can facilitate 5-10X more meetings with the same amount of people.

Why do you need an event networking application?


Your attendees want to learn from the best and grow their networks. But as event participation increases, your attendees work harder and harder to find relevant connections.

Using an event networking application simplifies the networking process. Your attendees use their time before your event to book meetings with the most relevant people for their business. This means they’re more engaged at your event.

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You also benefit as your attendees network. We help you stay on top of the trends by giving you a detailed interest overview after your event. Once you know what your attendees actually want, it’s a cinch to improve your next event.

Building connections doesn’t need to be difficult. With the right networking software, your attendees connect with the right people and your event. As well, they’ll applaud you for helping them grow their networks and giving them amazing returns on their invested time.

Don’t shun technology. Embrace it and let it simplify networking at your event.

We are trusted by hundreds of companies organizing events



“Our collaboration with Brella has really been instrumental in producing the best networking experience at our events.”

Ned Desmond, COO


Nordic Business Forum

“New connections are one of the most important things that people look for in business seminars. Brella revolutionizes our ability to serve people in that respect.”

Hans-Peter Siefen, Founder



“From the last event I have closed three major partnerships. I wouldn’t have met these people without Brella.”

Alex Kim, COO

Why use Brella?

We’re committed to creating the #1 networking app for events.

We believe that the best events focus on the attendee experience, and our networking solution reflects that. By making things as simple as possible for your attendees, they spend their time like they’re supposed to – experiencing your event.

With our event networking app, your attendees find and meet the best connections for them. Don’t waste time focusing on matchmaking games and activities – let our networking software fix your event networking. Use your new time to focus on the other vital pieces of your event.


Start the conversation early

Build a buzz by connecting attendees weeks before the event begins

Take the randomness out of networking

Help attendees easily plan who, when and where they meet

Bring the right people together

Creating valuable connections has never been this easy

Track event success metrics

Easily measure meetings booked, engagement, attendee preferences and more

Give event sponsors more value

Give sponsors more visibility during your event and help them generate more leads

Simple to set up, easy to access

With both a web-based app and native app, you can get up and running in minutes

What our users have to say

Networking without Brella is a waste of time.
Ville HulkkoValossa, Video Artificial Intelligence
Brella is the most user-friendly conference networking tool I have ever used.
Martha NotarasXL Innovate (VC), Partner
Brella turned our participation into $350,000 of ROI via close-in meetings with potential clients and distributors. Every conference should use this great app!
Chris AugeriDrive Spotter, CEO
I was able to overcome the fear of “who makes the first step to approach the other”.
Chrysoula StratoudakisALE SI, Analyst

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