Upgraded Life Festival, organised by Upgraded, collects the top health professionals & influencers in the Nordic & Baltic region.


Helsinki, Finland






Brella Enterprise

Upgraded Life Festival wanted a networking tool to deliver connections their attendees needed. The partnership with Brella has already lasted three years.

How it all started

Upgraded Life Festival, organised by Upgraded, collects the top health professionals & influencers in the Nordic & Baltic region. Hosted annually in Helsinki, this event has been instrumental in fostering relationships between key players in the industry and has been an important forum for discussion since 2014. In 2015 Brella and Upgraded decided to take their attendee experience to the next level by facilitating networking with the help of Brella.

Maria Nygård, Head of Upgraded Life Festival, feels that Brella has played a big role to Upgraded Life Festival’s success.

“We have been using Brella at Upgraded Life Festival for three years already. It has been marvelous to see year after year new contacts being made and business cards changed. Our event has grown together with Brella and we have every year been excited to try out new features. Brella has definitely been one of the key elements in our events that has gotten yearly great feedback from the visitors.”

Upgraded is the health startup association in Finland. Their goal is to ensure that startup innovations have an established role in society as an important source of health and wellbeing solutions. To achieve that goal, startups need to meet and communicate with health and wellbeing providers to show the value they can provide. The only way they will establish their role in society is by meeting the right people and getting their foot in the door, so to say.

Upgraded Life Festival is a perfect scenario for them, as it gathers together stakeholders from the health industry in order to bring the entire ecosystem together to get strategic and meaningful contacts for collaboration. With that in mind, networking was a vital aspect of the event, and both the Upgraded team and the Brella team were thrilled to work together for the 3rd year in a row.

The solution

As a leading health event of the Nordic & Baltic region, Upgraded desired an easy, efficient and user-friendly way to match relevant attendees with each other.

Brella delivered.

Brella Enterprise has been utilised in Upgraded Life Festival since 2015 and has been a tremendous success. International collaborations have been established through Brella’s unique matchmaking algorithm, collaborations that may have been missed without facilitated networking.

“Brella has always been easy to use and the threshold to network is made very low. You never know who you might find on the app! We have gotten exciting comments from our visitors where e.g. a volunteer has met with our US keynote or a startup has exchanged thoughts with an investor or possible client. Everyone can be reached on Brella, that’s a definitive strength,” says Maria Nygård, Head of Upgraded Life Festival.


“Our event has grown together with Brella and we have every year been excited to try out new features.”

Maria Nygård, Head of Upgraded Life Festival


Over the years of the partnership, Brella and Upgraded Life Festival have delivered over 1,300 meetings and made it possible for each attendee to make the most valuable connections.

So let’s look at some Brella numbers over the years (2016 – 2018) from Upgraded Life Festival events:

  • 1300+ meetings
  • 1200+ users
  • 65% average adoption rate
  • 3 years of partnership

The Upgraded team has been incredibly happy with Brella’s performance and we are thrilled to continue our partnership with them.

“We have been pleased to have Brella in our events all these years and are looking forward to see the app evolve together with our activities.” says Maria Nygård.

Photos: Vilma Rimpelä / Rajatuotanto OY

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