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Bring together engaging discussions, AI-powered matchmaking, curated newsfeeds, memberships and events β€” all inside your custom branded community.

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Build and scale a thriving community that works for your business



Starting your own community is easy! Simply invite your customer-base or leads list to Brella. Alternatively, you can funnel all the attendees at your Brella event directly into your community!



Sustain long-term engagement, inspire loyalty and grow your community by offering members a steady stream of exclusive on-demand content, unique networking opportunities and immersive events β€” all on a single, unified platform you control.



Monetize and make the most of your community by activating members and nudging them towards completing business goals relevant to the growth of your organization!

Deliver exclusive on-demand content to your community

Drip-feed exclusive video content to engage your community, and build an extensive on-demand video library to attract new members.

check-mark   Notify all members of new videos

check-mark   Works with major video streaming platforms


Empower your community to create, comment and react

Offer creators in your community dedicated topical feeds where they can post, share their ideas, react to content and build their own brands.

check-mark   Community members can create new posts, react and comment on existing posts

check-mark   Moderators can monitor and control the feed to enforce community guidelines


Spark connections with Brella's acclaimed AI-powered matchmaking

Empower community members to make highly relevant connections through Brella's intelligent matchmaking AI.

check-mark   Set custom interests and intents to keep connections relevant to your community

check-mark   Member matches are updated in real-time based on member activity, new arrivals and more!


Host impromptu events, coffee-breaks and fireplace chats directly inside your community

Host a roundtable with titans in your industry, gather your community together for a relaxed evening of discussion, or offer virtual meeting rooms that are always open through our  Community Breakout Rooms.

check-mark   Up to 200 participants in each room

check-mark   Assign moderators and hosts who have full control over each room


Seamlessly promote and host virtual, hybrid and in-person events for your community

Promote your events within your community, seamlessly sell tickets and invite community members to your Brella event β€” no 3rd party tools necessary.

check-mark   Deliver a fully-customizable, on-brand ticketing experience directly inside Brella

check-mark   Directly integrate Stripe to process payments

check-mark   Members can seamlessly transition between your community and events